Friday, May 9, 2014 :: Sony Xperia Z2

Never think that I will be sitting down here writing a review for a phone like a tech geek but I am because good things must share, ya? 
When I first received my Sony Xperia Z2 phone and the phone booted up for the first time, I was pleasantly startled by the display. Being an iphone user (almost forever since it was first launched) and standing on a very pro-iphone bias perspective, I have to admit I never thought I will see such clarity and brightness in any phones. Just for that moment, I almost forgotten my learning curve is now back to zero again having to learn a new phone much more running on android! Back to the display screen, read up some technical details from my brochure and the brightness and clarity turns out to be something about the Z2 being the first smartphone to feature LIVE Colour LED. Sure as hell I don't get what it means haha but this is a curious woman at work; always finding justifications and reasons for things which intrigued me. In another words, kaypoh lor.  


The phone also feels like a lot of metal and glass which is pleasantly different from my current phone and I actually liked it enough for me to sign up a separate line just to use this for work when there was no intention for a new line to begin with haha. I just received my first bill by the way and my first bill shock. Been using this phone so often to snap photos then posting it online or sending large images to my email so I can receive it on my iphone yada yada that I totally exploded the data plan…..-.-  


Reason being…….the camera on Z2 and its software is….pretty impressive to me. A handful of my OOTD and casual shots were taken using the Z2  instead of my Samsung camera (which I usually use) like the ones below. Made  some if not minimal  brightening adjustments using Snapseed app running on android. The adjustments made using Snapseed app is even lesser than editing photos taken by my Samsung camera so…..for someone like me who takes many OOTD shots, the Z2 camera is IMO, impressive. How can it not be with 20.7 megapixels with F2.0 lens!? Haha which was exactly why I was drawn to this phone and even signed a plan for it -.- 
(Photos below taken using Xperia Z2 and unedited)







Allow me to digress, my dear friend, Aaron, who I was showing off my new phone just last week was trying to convince me his phone with 40 megapixel is better. We decided to snap a photo of the painting in front of us and do a mega zoom-in on it to compare the sharpness and holy smokes,  Aaron who had been keeping quiet haha finally said "Wah actually your Z2 camera… bad leh.." C'mon, just say you are impressed. 
Ahh one thing to mention here because I face it pretty often snapping photos just to realize the colors and sharpness (or noise) do not look the same on a computer screen than on the camera/phone display; for the Z2, I realized the high quality of the photos is not enhanced by the super-clear (or so I call it) resolution. The high photo quality has something to do with the lens which allows significantly more light thus reducing "noise" in the photos. So the photos when viewed on a laptop etc are very much true to the actual colors and are as sharp as when seen on the Z2.  

The best thing about the Z2 is the waterproofing feature which enables this phone to be submerged up to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes. It doesn't have to be 30 minutes lah, as long as the phone is waterproofed, it is already in battle mode; ready to be in my jeans pocket so I don't have to worry about it going haywire if it drops in a puddle or best still, in the toilet bowl. I am kidding. But really, everyone has a friend who puts their phone in the jeans pocket and send it to the washing machine or had some accident in the toilet. Right Yina? Hahahaha I am so sorry. 
I also tested the phone  with Xavier at the Singtel launch event where I was able to play a movie and take a photo all while the phone was submerged in the fish tank. The best thing time to test the phone and its abilities is when the phone is not yours, yet. I wouldn't dare to challenge the phone's specifications when it's MY phone yah.  Anywayyyyy,  this photo was taken from inside the fish tank where the phone is submerged and my fellow Gushcloud blogger Xavier and I were photographed. So…you don't have to prove it already; you are welcome. *thumbs up*  


Please also take a good look at my photos below. I actually had to go through the trouble of spilling 2 full cups of water on the phone to get these photos, then having to drag a mop through the mess so I don't slip on it in my clumsiness.   



I am looking forward to bringing this phone with me to my next overseas beach trip (aiming for Phuket) because…….it is capable of recording ultra HD videos even while submerged in water. And I need to prove it again haha. 
If you are someone who enjoys the convenience of a phone and a camera, I highly recommend this baby (just make sure your plan don't explode like mine yah, buy a better plan -.-) because the camera is really…kickass. There are some Sustenance Z2 events in the month of April/May so stay tuned at: www.singtel/xperiaz2 for more updates.  
Here's a video showing the full glory of Xperia Z2 if my post is not geeky enough for you ;) 

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