Wednesday, February 12, 2014 :: Pet Expo 2014

The PetExpo is Singapore’s largest PET-ducational Fair held yearly and this year, this highly anticipated event amongst pets lovers will be held from 28 February to 2 March 2014 at Singapore Expo! You can look forward to a myriad of pet products and services, educational material and social activities focused on pets and their well-being!
By working with the various local animal welfare organisations to promote pet well-being and pet adoption, the three-day show will feature a series of activities supporting these causes and they include: 

Charity Fundraising, 

Pet Adoption, 

Pet Food Donation Drive, 

and Adoption Parade 


More information can be found here:
Programme Schedule for the 3 days can be found here: 

A few programmes I look forward to during the Pet Expo 2014 is the “Adoption Parade” held by AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore), Cutest Small Animal Contest, Meet the Stars (like Bobo who is Singapore’s first skateboarding bulldog) amongst many other exciting activities! 


Bobo. Psst, don’t think Mr Grumpy Face can’t skate ok? He is a fireball on wheels~ 

Adding on to the festivities, Pet Expo 2014 will also be organising the LARGEST Golden Retriever Gathering, and they are aiming to break the Singapore Book of Records! If you own a Golden Retriever, please do bring your big furry friend out to socialize and be part of leaving a name in the history book! ;)

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For owners who are avid learners like myself (teehee), we can gain invaluable practical experience by participating in the hands-on courses at Pet Expo. Courses include basic grooming for dog, cat and rabbit; agility and Frisbee training for dogs; as well as managing your dog’s behavioural issues. Hmm well….for the life of Tintin, she suck at playing Frisbee so I will just stick to courses like dog’s behavioural management workshop. It is really affordable for this workshop at only $28 (usual price: $100)! 
Dog Behavioural Management (Workshop) 
Some topics covered in this workshop are pretty interesting IMO like “What does a dog really wants? In the Dog’s point of view”. Cool isn’t it? Imagine you can step into the world of your furry friend and know what they are thinking; kinda’ like being a dog-whisperer! The duration of the course is 90 mins long facilitated by private consultant, Lucas Bong from Smart Doggy Academy and PETAS represent 
More information about this course I have highlighted here: 
Here comes the essential information:
Show dates: 28 Feb – 2 Mar 2014
Show venue: Singapore Expo, Hall 6A
Show opening hours: 10.30am to 9.00pm daily
Admission fee: $3 per adult / $6 per adult for 3-day pass
You may like to follow @petexposg on Instagram for more updates regarding the event!
Hope to catch you there! Tintin and I will definitely be marking our territories at this popular event! ;)

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