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When I was younger, I always held disapproving thoughts about my body largely because I am very well-endowed in the body hair department. It didn’t help even when the adults always tell me “Don’t you know prettier girls are always more hairy?” 
No. I never believe in that. 
It definitely didn’t help in my self esteem as a dancer having to bare my legs and midriff all the time (as we are in tights or some rolled up top). 
Well…can’t believe I am living the dream of having my body hair removed before the BIG DAY happening within these couple of years thanks to Datsumo Labo ;) If you can remember my first post here, I did full arms, full legs and full brazilian S.S.C. (smooth skin removal). For these areas, I am currently at my 3rd session and patches on my skin has gone “bald” and “poreless” so things are looking reallllll good down there ;) 

The newest branch and the fifth one to be exact is located conveniently at Pomo! At least for me haha. After having my hair done at Salon Vim, I drive downwards towards Plaza Sing which is less than 5 minutes away, finish my treatment with Datsumo’s Pomo branch within 2 hours then drive downwards towards Nicoll highway to head back to my office! So much convenience for me! 
For the purpose of this post and proof of my body hair, I had a photo taken of my back before the treatment. This is also the first treatment session for body hair on my back, neck and stomach. I also had my 3rd treatment session for my brazilian area on the same day but due to the sensitive nature, obviously I won’t be showing any photos! 
A short review on my brazilian area 3 weeks after this treatment session; the coarse hairs are very much finer now and the number of hairs in each follicle has been greatly reduced from 3-4 strands to just 1-2 strands now. Hair growth is also much slower with patches of significantly thinner strands of hair and lightened skin. 

I never thought my back looked this hairy till this day when Janice from Datsumo helped me snap this photo. To be honest, I was slightly traumatized. Hey, I can’t see myself in the back all these while.  

To save cost, you can also choose to shave yourself at home :) 


Treatment was done in down 15 minutes for my back. Easy peasy and totally painless. 

Then it was treatment on my stomach. I am not showing the close up photo of my stomach because…it is so hairy and unsightly I can’t believe it haha. 
The special gel which is applied before the treatment protects the skin from the heat and rest assured even when I had my sensitive vaginal area exposed to the machine, pain was kept to the minimal. I heard this gel do not come cheap and is nothing like the normal gels used by neighbourhood IPL salons. Vaginal areas usually have much more darker skin compared to other parts of the body so these darker melanin spots will feel more “pain” compared to areas like your legs, arms etc. Then again, trust me when I say the pain is kept to the minimal because I have a very low tolerance for pain. If it is painful for me, I would have given up at the very first session haha. 
After the completion of the treatment, the gel is removed and a cooling towel will be placed on the skin to cool down and protect the skin from the heat generated from the S.S.C. equipment. Haha, I have a love-hate relationship with this cooling process. I love it when the cooling towel is placed on just my back. But definitely NOT when I have such cold towels placed on my entire arms and legs and vaginal area. It will be freezing, I promise you -.- 


I like how the removal of body hair actually brighten my skin. With the dark hairs removed, it actually helped in giving a fairer illusion. 

My beloved therapist, Janice teehee. 

Really like this branch for its peacefulness (because this mall is really new!) that I asked for my future treatments to be done in this Pomo branch instead ;) It’s so convenient! John is just 10 minutes away teehee! 




From 1st April to 30 April, Datsumo Labo is offering 
ANY TWO BODY AREAS HAIR REMOVAL @ only $49 monthly (inclu of GST)! 

Additionally, Datsumo Labo has a special promotion for all my readers! When purchasing any package, 
simply quote “Tricia” or “vaingloriousyou” to get 15% off your payment!

Good luck for your hair removal experience with Datsumo Labo! 
And I hope to catch one of you there during my monthly treatments! ;)

Datsumo Labo @ PoMo 
#03-02, 1 Selegie Road
Singapore 188306
Tel: 6338 4856
Opening Hours: 10.30AM – 9.30PM

With Love,


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