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Ever get caught in the situation where you couldn't purchase that thing you wanted online because you cart it a second too late? I now know there is a actual term for such an occurrence; it is called hoverfinger and I guess is pretty self explanatory. Your finger, it hovers.

(No im not joking, really)

Hoverfinger happens at that particular moment before you make the purchase with that final click of the mouse. You hesitate, you think twice, you re-consider and you re-assess the risks if any.

An epic experience I had, or rather, John and I both had with hoverfingers was when we were planning for a holiday trip this year to Japan in early April, around the time when cherry blossoms flourish. It was a pretty last minute decision to head to Japan and we managed to quickly locate a hotel booking website that gave a pretty good deal for the hotel that we wanted to book (for sentimental reasons, we only wanted that hotel). Here's the catch, there was a sign that read "LAST 2 HOTEL ROOMS LEFT". We hesitated for a moment (prolly about 15 minutes) because we were unsure of the credibility of the site (as we previously encountered some problems with it where  we were double charged for a single hotel booking) and the unfortunate happened in front of our eyes when we finally decided to confirm booking - A popup window greeted us with this dreadful message "HOTEL IS FULLY BOOKED". And that's it. No more deals, no more hotel. Not only that, we have to cancel this trip in the end because it turns out all hotels within walking distance to the train station were all fully booked as well! It was that close. After this incident, we were convinced that not only is Japan popular with tourists during the cherry blossoms month, a moment of hesitation can really caused that much disappointment. And because of this we have to wait for next year's cherry blossom, can you imagine how sad we were! 

Kyoto, Japan__DSC0840 


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Sigh, so that is my most recent and unfortunate incident with Hover Finger which the disappointment and regrets it caused is still fresh in my mind. Just wondering, do you have Hover Finger too? 
Watch this video to find out more about the disorder!

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