Wednesday, May 21, 2014 :: StarHub Rewards Redemption

I’ve always known that my StarHub Rewards points could be redeemed, but never really got down to doing it because the choices were quite limited? BUT recently I learnt that there are so many items to redeem!? Yikes, all the points wasted when all it takes is just a few clicks of the mouse. 
In fact, the all-new StarHub Rewards have been revamped to provide the StarHub customers with a wider variety of lifestyle redemption catalogue. The redemption process is much simplified and easier to redeem. The best thing is we can also redeem anytime, anywhere via their mobile and tablets! 
From now on, I will not be letting my StarHub points go to waste haha. Penning this post do have its educational advantages for me too :p

Here's the link to start redeeming your reward points if you have not done so!
May I suggest you bookmark this post to remind yourself to make full use of your points? ;) 

With the increased variety of lifestyle items to redeem from and the easy to use On-The-Go points redemption, there is really no excuse to let your points go to waste! Here are some of the rewards that I genuinely WILL redeem because I am auntie like that. I earned the points leh, why let it go to waste! 
ZEEEE WHITE RABBIT 1-for-1 main course is calling out to me! If you are on a tight budget but yet wanna’ visit or bring your date to The White Rabbit for its ambience in the beautifully restored old chapel, this redemption is for you haha. Imagine the amount you save for 1-for-1 main course! And…I don’t mind heading back to Universal Studios again hehe. 
Starhub rewards food and play

Sorry I really have to show y’all this. Food food and glorious fooooooood! 
Starhub rewards food 
Saving the best for the last…..the Conrad 2D1N Weekend stay is going to be such a good place for a weekend getaway….in Singapore hehe! And…a really good place to spice up the relationship with some alone time, yah? ;p 
Starhub rewards food and play 2 
So bookmark ahem this blog post or to keep your eyes peeled for exciting, yummy, or simply just good stuff for redemption! 
Let your inner-auntie run freeeeeeeeeeee~! 
PS: Don’t let the inner auntie run too free and try to change the points to cash or use other ways to redeem these Rewards ok? All the good stuff above (and in their website) can ONLY (I repeat again, only) be redeemed with StarHub Rewards Points! ;) 

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