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Growing up, I have been quite the active kid considering my greatest achievement was joining the basketball team as my second CCA in secondary school. Can you believe it? I actually got in. 
The basketball team. And Tricia. Hmm doesn’t gel too well together. That was what everyone said to me. I remember when I told my dad I joined the basketball team, he did the math reminded me the ring was possibly 3 metres tall. 
You may also like to know that throughout the 2-3 years in basketball, the amount of goals I scored can be counted with the fingers on just 1 hand. Yes. 
So the active worm in me quieten down after I stopped dancing after what seemed like a decade. It was a good 2 years of inactivity before I saw my health declining and decided to make a new year resolution to keep fit and visit a gym. It has been close to 3 months now since I got an annual membership at Amore Fitness thanks to Gushcloud. With the flexible class schedules at Amore, I am able to pop by to visit the gym for classes like Pilates and Yoga even though my schedule can be that ridiculous. Being less fortunate in the department of fixed off-work hours, I am unable to commit fully to an intensive yoga training programme so I am really thankful that the classes Amore offers come with great flexibility.

After a good 2 months on attending the classes, I find that yoga has a way of transforming the way you look at your own body and the mindset towards your day to day life. I started savoring the time spent alone during my exercise sessions and yoga classes in Amore. During my yoga sessions, I have to concentrate so intently on what my body is doing and in turn that brings about calmness to my mind – the kind of calmness I cannot bring back even if I lay to rest or sit in a hidden cafe with a book and tea in hand. I have learnt to disengage my thoughts and not put so much mental stress on myself due to work commitments. 
Sometimes when I have more time to spare, I squeeze a short gym session using the exercise equipment in Amore before or after the class – at times to get my heart pumping before class or sometimes to keep the adrenaline going after class. 
Remember I used to complain about the nagging pain in my back sustained from a decade long in dance? Through constant exercise and yoga (yes yoga especially), I experienced lesser episodes of the tightness and pain in my spinal cord. 

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At the start, looking at a gym full of equipment can be pretty overwhelming. I still remember how I looked so lost in the gym with eyes so wide they gave me away as a first-time user, a trainer actually approached me and guided me through the use of equipment. I learnt that there are machines which exist to build our cardiovascular endurance (they are called cardio machines in short) and there are also weight machines to name a couple of variety. So don’t be afraid to look like a beginner in a gym because it gets you help without having to ask ;) 
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Exercising goes beyond weight loss, muscle tone, endurance etc. For me, exercising the soul gives far more emotional benefits than physical ones. At least, after a long day of work, hitting a gym is like a place of tranquillity and a place for me to seek balance in life. 
For those who are interested in gymming as well, do check out the Amore Holistic Package! Details are as follows:
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