Sunday, June 15, 2014 :: Cure Your Hover Finger

Perhaps it was this really unglamorous photo of myself that got my friends talking about how relatable my previous post on Hover Finger were. 
Then we started comparing who had the worst ever yet moment of regret due to to Hover Finger. It was an irony how we tried to outdo each other and at that point of time, I wished I had the best regretful moment to tell. Say hi to my ego. 
So we came to this conclusion, 
In this era where shopping online is prevalent and fraudulent websites and sellers alike await to strike at any opportunity, we must be alert and protect ourselves through education and knowledge. By educating ourselves to identify what causes fear in online shopping and to eliminate that fear by knowing what protects our interests best so that fear will be ultimately eradicated. 
By using a reliable credit card which protects us, the consumer’s interests will be well protected, well at least, you know there is an authority you can rely on. The crux of it is, you are able to pay for your online purchases with confidence. 
That’s why the only cure for Hover Finger is Visa! 
Here is why you should own a Visa card, if you have not – sharing with y’all the 4 things I love about Visa. 
- Visa’s secure network (Visanet)
- 3-Digit security code
- Verified by Visa
- Dispute a transaction 
Allow me to further elaborate on the highlighted point because I find it really good knowledge to share. In situations where you as the consumer receive defective, damaged or counterfeit merchandise, or even receiving merchandise or service which does not match what was described, you can contact the card issuer to dispute the transaction IF you are unable to resolve the issue with the merchant/seller. 
Should any of the above mentioned happens to you unfortunately during your online purchase, Visa will step in to dispute the transaction if you are unable to FIRST resolve the issue with the merchant/seller. 
Not bad huh? 
Do you have a case of Hover Finger like I do? Well, with Visa, I think Hover Finger won’t be a problem anymore! 

>>> <<< 
Go on. I know you are one of the sufferers too. Probably is. Diagnose it, cure it and get protected.  That is why I am always smiling now. Time for me to book a trip to Japan to see the cherry blossoms!
Good luck to you ;) 
I am a Visa #HoverFinger #ProtectedEverywhere influencer.

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