Saturday, May 4, 2013 :: Be Gone Unruly Hair!

Made a trip down to Salon Vim about 2 weeks ago to manage the hair which was getting a tad too unruly and limp for me to manage. Also snipped off about 2'” off my hair. My hair grows out really fast! My only grudge is I have too little hair :( I am going to start a home care treatment for thin hair using a popular product from Growell. It is available in pharmacies at 5 or 10%. I used the 10% one before but it was too strong for my scalp that I dropped alot of hair. John has recommended me to use the 5% one instead so will be trying it out soon! He has been recommending it to his customers who have concerns for hair loss and a number of them have seen improvement to name a few, per follicle has more than 3 strands instead of just 1 strand of hair (more strands of hair = visibly thicker hair), the distance of follicles from each other has narrowed (meaning, more follicles = more hair growth) etc. 
John has been using the 10% one regularly and trust me, when I run my fingertips gently on his scalp, I felt poking sensations on my fingertips (which means baby hair is growing!). This is because, the follicles were starting to produce more hair due to the strong stimulation from the product. But please be careful when you use this product – in case you start suffering hair loss instead, switch to a 5% one or stop using totally. A universal rule of thumb, what works for me may not work for you. 
Back to my trip to Salon Vim, I will let the pictures do the talking instead.
A before photo. I have alot of baby hair (why not thicker strands of hair instead!) which explains why I need to use hairspray when I bun up my hair. Otherwise, the baby hairs will peek out from every possible spot, then stand by mid day defying gravity as though there is a static mat over my head. It never fail to make me look messy and dirty haha.

After treatment, color and cut. Tried the Armino Privy Hair Treatment and I personally prefer this over Redken although both have their own merits. Armino Privy Hair Treatment actually helps to provide nourishment to the hair, smooth out stubborn and frizzy hair and soften the hair. Whereas Redken Treatment is a custom fit hair treatment which provides protein to your hair thus strengthening it from within. 
The results after treatment and even 1 week after was really impressive. I did not have to do hair masque for the next 9 days considering I do home care care treatment on my own every 2-3 days. It is definitely worth a try when Salon Vim is having a promotion for hair treatments in the month of May. More on that below :) 


John gave me a copper brown shade with orangy tones because this is all the rage now! I fell even more in love with this color when I saw Park Sora whom is very popular on tumblr and instagram sported this color during this year too! Crazy gorgeous woman!


One thing with this color is you need more makeup on your face or you run the risk of looking sunken. But I AM LOVING THIS NEW COLOR SO MUCH! It makes my skin glow with radiance and it goes so well with coral or ombre light pink lips!

Tada haha~ Put on more blush and glided on some coral gloss. Gahh please ignore the white glow on my face. It was the lighting from my Macbook!


Thank you yet again, dearest John! :*)
If you are in need to treat your tresses to a pampering treatment, you will be pleased to know Salon Vim is having a promotion for hair treatments in the month of May! :)
Treatment promotion is valiid from 1st May to 1st June 2013 at both 313 Somerset & Bugis.
Treatment price depends on hair length but is capped at a maximum of $160 for long hair, and this is BEFORE 30% DISCOUNT. 
Quote my name “Tricia” or “vaingloriousyou” to get 30% off your hair treatments and 10% off all other services :) 
If you wish to contact John directly, he is available at 85229336. Please be reminded to book early because as far as I can remember, John is fully booked on weekends in May and he will only be available during weekdays on 2nd or 3rd week in May. 
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TEL: 68847757 / 68847767 
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