Friday, May 11, 2012 :: Maybelline New York (Me) Party!

I don't know how things can happen that at my height, I got shortlisted to be 1 of the 8 models for Maybelline New York (Me) Party. Haha
And I, for a klutzy student accepted the job without knowing my last and final exam of my entire life is the very next morning of the event. Might as well I live my life haphazardly this manner teehee. I get last minute adrenaline rush and also learn and experience things which would have just slip away if I became a NO-girl.

Our call time was 10.30am in the morning. By the look of it, we were all pretty drowsy and dazed when we reached. I was struggling to stay awake as I was up studying the night before. 

We each had 3 outfits. Classy, Fun and Daring. 

There was no time for rest. I was in my heels the entire day with one rehearsal after another. When we thought it was finally time for a break, we were quickly ushered to have makeup done.  

I think my hair grows at amazing speed. It was just a few weeks ago when John dyed my hair but you can already see my black roots from this photo! 

Really love this girl, Audrey! She is so warm and friendly! 

It was quite a chaotic scene backstage as we get closer to the event. 

I have realllllyyyyyyy little hair (like this hairstylist commented haha) but everytime John manages to style my hair until it looks deceivingly thick! 

See the notes I am hanging on to? 
Was trying my very best to study for my exam but I was stuck at page 1 from the start till end of day

We heard at 8pm, the club was half full. 

While we had our chaotic moments backstage, outside in Zouk, there were live makeup counters set up to provide free makeup services. 

And just outside Zouk, they had an ice cream booth set up! I love soya ice cream! Felt so upset I missed this! 

The crowd when the event was about to start

Opened the show with this outfit. It was such a terrifying experience to be the first to walk! But definitely one packed with adrenaline rush!
Just right before the moment I was due to walk, I was mopping around sadly while on standby. Suddenly overwhelmed with sadness that no one from the gang nor my friends were present to watch :(

One of my outfits styled by F21.
I was actually really scared of any fashion booboo here because I had to go sans panties for the skirt! 

We had our eye makeup dramatized on stage for the 2nd outfit by a celebrity makeup artist.  

Picture credited to copyrighted logo 

In a span of few minutes, we had to run backstage, find our appointed fashion stylist, change clothes, change shoes, get makeup and hair done, look good in front of the roaming photographer before flying back to be on standby. No changing rooms so everything so open and you just have to be quick! It was so rushed I couldn't put it into words! But for an inner side of me full of energy and heart pumping adrenaline, it was so good to channel all this psychotic inner energy I had inside me into this MAD rush that night. 

Our 2011 New Paper New Face winner. Jamie is such a sweet lady! 

This pretty lady is a DJ from Taiwan who came by to Sg to spin at some clubs. 

Agri from And on the left, Tiffy.

For this outfit change, it was a complete disaster. My new hairdo fell when I was due to standby in 10 seconds! The poor hairstylist had to scramble to put together a new look.
Actually preferred the crazy first hairstyle for this outfit :( 

Our IC and stage manager. I was beaming with joy seeing her in Marquis Toga Sleeved Chiffon Dress from VGY Kissjane! And so many complimented her on her outfit! 

Took one last photo before I ran off right after the event to my BFF's house for an overnight mugging session! It was such a crazy day I could barely stay awake to study!

Thank you Maybelline for this opportunity!
Definitely loads of fun and so memorable! 

With Love,


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