Tuesday, May 15, 2012 :: L'Oreal Paris Blog Hop Contest!

I was invited to a press event organized by the good people from L'Oreal Paris last week on the release of their  amazing new range of products which is in close relation to Intense Pulse Light (IPL). Sounds exciting? Haha it is indeed really exciting for me as I have been contemplating going for IPL on my face at Raffles Aesthetics for the longest time!

I am currently using this new range of products and will be blogging about it once I complete my 7-days regime so I can give an honest review on these products! 

(you never know when you will get lucky!)  

In this post, it will be a special contest for our readers where you have to BLOG-HOP to 4 other bloggers (under my team) to collect words to unscramble a phrase! So each of us (5 in total) will have a unique word which you will only know if you visit all our blogs! 

My unique word is <Perfect>

Visit my fellow bloggers' blogs here to collect the remaining 4 words!
Valerie: http://thathazeleyes.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/loreal-white-perfect-laser-contest/
Rusty: http://musicplayson.onsugar.com/BLOG-HOP-CONTEST-LOreal-Paris-23083192
Carol: http://shorthairladyandherencounters.blogspot.com/2012/05/loreal-white-perfect-laser-event.html
Tiphanie: http://sassyd0ll.wordpress.com/

Then, unscramble the words and send the phrase to kaw@sg.loreal.com
Contest ends 15 June 2012



I learnt about this amazing product during the press event which other bloggers were raving about. But I have yet to get down to sampling this product as I am using too many stuff on my face right now! However, I will definitely review this product at a later post once I complete a 7-day regime! 

This product is well known for increasing your skin's absorbency power so your skin can receive the maximum amount of skincare products you apply on your face. Additionally, it is known for its efficacy of a brighter, smoother and softer skin at just 1 drop. Hmm, maybe I don't even need a 7-day regime to give my honest review on this product! ;) 

Good luck on the contest!
Sending all my love to you! <3

With Love,


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