Thursday, May 10, 2012 :: Thailand Day 3 & 4!

The third day of Thailand saw us shifting our "homes" back to BKK where we stayed in TenFace. A luxurious suite where we live up the life #likeaboss haha. 

Woke up early in the morning to allow time for travelling

TenFace suite is about 1400sq ft. About the size of 3.5 Vainpot Boutiques. 
Entrance to our living room.

The living room

Bedroom with a luxurious bed. The sheets were made to sleep naked haha

Was forced to wear ugly burnt orange Birkens due to the structure of my feet from years of dancing :(
Only really arched high heels or Birkens can allow me to walk for ages in comfort. 

We were put on a rollercoaster ride by cheating Tuktuk drivers who brought us to the imitation seafood restaurant time and again. The original plan was to head off to Somboon, a seafood restaurant highly popular with Chinese and tourists where they charge crazy affordable prices for quality seafood! But tuktuk drivers who bring tourists to the fake Somboon will be given commission based on the amt you spend in the restaurant. So they will try all means and ways to convince you that they have brought you to the REAL restaurant. And you will be convinced. 

Until you check out the pricing on its menu. By then, warning bells should be going off in your head. 

This is the authentic one! Refer to this namecard here!
(Beware: The fake restaurant is closely named to the real one. It is known as SOMBOONDEE.) 

They have 6 restaurants on their namecard. Of which 1 is Bantadthong and the other one Surawong, which we visited as we were near the vicinity. However, I strongly advise you to visit the outlet at Bantadthong because they sell the entire roast baby pig there! The Surawong outlet do not have it! :( 

The must-order dishes below: 
Tom Yum Goong 

DA BOMB. Fried curry crab. 

Forgotten what is this! 

Steamed tiger prawns!

Forgotten to take a photo of this dish before eating, again.
This is the fried fish dish and it is REALLLLLYYY fresh and yummy! 

Our receipt came up to $250 odd for 6 persons. Imagine we had crab, fish, meaty dishes, 2 veggie dishes, 1 large authentic shark fin soup and loads of rice. Dirt cheap. 

The gang actually planned to head off to a beautiful and well known rooftop bar at night but we spent too much time shopping in Platinum and crazy eating that it was too late to check out the place :( 

Headed off to a club to party our last night in Bangkok! 

On our last day, we woke up really early and set off to pray to the Thailand gods for good blessings.
I always believe that regardless of any religion you may be, respect must be shown to other religions. I guess it is no harm heading into a temple to pray for good blessings when you are in a foreign land :)  

So the people of Thailand believed that cows are godly and they should be treated with respect. By treating each cow with water, food and prayers, you will be blessed. 

So we chose our cow and fed them.
This was my lucky chosen cow. 

And we did good deeds by donating coffins to the poor in Thailand. 
1 coffin is 500baht, which is approx $20++ in SGD.
John & I donated 2 coffins :] 
It sounds scary but it is actually really sad if you pass away without a proper burial due to poverty.
Sigh, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. 

So that sums up the last 2 days of our trip in Thailand!
Will be heading there again in Oct if everything goes well!
This time round to the zoo and many more new places that most tourists wouldn't know! 

And keep a look out for more posts coming up! 
I promise reviews for beauty products and also some mega giveaways!

With Love,


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