Tuesday, April 10, 2012 :: Thailand Day 2!

On the second day in Thailand, we planned a day packed with crazy activities at Pattaya, where it is a town well known for the Ping Pong show, cabaret ladyboy shows etc. But what most foreigners/tourists would not know is being able to do these fun activities which are healthy and help bring friends closer in the heart of Pattaya! :)

Decided to travel like a boss and booked a van to bring us into Pattaya which was an hour's drive from our friend's motel. This van was to be at our beck and call for the entire day for 2500 baht which translates to approx $100 sgd.

Our van at the cosy motel's courtyard which we call home for the first 2 days

how you travel #likeaboss haha 

Our first stop was John's favourite - Go-Kart which can go up to 80km/h. 
We had 1 friend spinning out of control, the other heading right into the bumper tyres at the sides and racer John travelling at top speed without braking.
Well, for me, let's say at least I drove fast enough to let a friend bite the dust :p 

Then we went guerilla style and headed off for paintball. 
Can you believe I didn't get shot at all hahaha. Perks of being pint sized! Gives you an edge when you go into hiding or darting the paintballs. I think I totally looked like a hamster in the big field. 

It was really fun and the trial shot see me giving the target a headshot! Damn, I definitely have talent in this! 

Without catching our breath, we went to the highest bungee jump in Thailand haha.
And no, only 2 amongst us had balls made of steel. 4 were merely spectators. 

I think it was 60 metres? Or more? hahaha

One bad thing about bungee jumping - you don't have a choice to say NO if you chickened out at the top. Here's our 2 courageous friends. Our dear friend, Rochelle, on the left almost suffered a heart attack when the worker simply....pushed her down cos she had cold feet at the top hahaha. 

Headed off to The Glass House, a popular beachfront restaurant at Pattaya. The roads leading to this restaurant looked extremely deserted, rundown and....an unseemly direction to head towards such a beautiful restaurant. Hahaha but that is Pattaya for you.  

Part of the outdoor sitting area

The bar - which was closed in the day

More outdoor sitting area

If you squint hard enough to see 2 small humans, you can see our table (the first) on the horizontally long shelter which is nearest to e short flight of stairs leading to the beach.

The must have curry crab in Thailand

John's favourite - chickie wings

Caesar salad which was really fresh and delicious! 

A veggie dish. Even their veggie dish tasted soooo right! 

Har cheong kai if im not wrong! 

Tom yum goong soup

This pandan chicken dish was really refreshing and tasted oh-soooo-good

Fried banana with chocolate and ice cream

The very sinful lava cake dessert with really good ice cream to go along

Our dear Rochelle in her deliberate attempt to look and act 100% touristy -.- 

Went to the famous Four Regions Floating Market in Pattaya to pray our respects and relive the authentic floating market experience where water vendors paddle from dock to dock to offer their unique range of local fruits & foods like.....crocodile meat yuck. 

They were the ones selling crocodile meat which got me shocked! 

Fed the fishes in the river as it is believed to bring us good blessings

Visited the cabaret ladyboy show next and we made it justttt in time for their showtime at 6.45pm. 

John had his eyes on....him and was overly eager to take a photo with...him haha
This pretty ladyboy is also the star of the show. One of the prettiest I would say! 

Here comes the walking street where hundreds of shady shops offer the Ping Pong show, nudity shows, russia cabaret pole dance and many more.
For the fun of it, I deliberately directed a pretty Ukraine poledance socialite who was 90% nude to do a lap-dance on John hahaha. Mind you! Her naked body was only 2 damn inches away from his face!
I think that could prolly be the experience of his lifetime lol
(how'd you liked that, John? :p ) 

No more photos for the night as no cameras were allowed in all the clubs/shops we entered! :(
In short, it was such a soft-porn site at this huge party place! Heard from my friend that this area opens daily so you can imagine the sad lives of the socialites who worked daily in such a dirty place violating their chaste over and over again.
And of course, there were many tourists especially Americans and Indians so I feel this place is still 80% safe if you are thinking of heading there! :)
We were all pretty busted by the end of the night but it was definitely a fun and enriching day well spent!

Will be back yet again to blog on Day 3 when I am done with collating the photos!

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With Love,


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