Thursday, April 5, 2012 :: Thailand Day 1

The gang planned a trip to Thailand this time round but sadly, with an attendance of 6 while the rest got stuck in Sg with horrible bosses haha. (next time guys!) 

First stopover at Montaro Apartments to pick up half of the gang who flew over earlier for a wedding

The long walk to scavenge for yummy food see us passing by roadside stalls selling sunnies which we all had to get one haha

The usual "do I look good in these" routine qns to ask your friends when trying on sunnies

Settled down at a restaurant famous for really small portions of noodles and its crispy wanton skin. When I say small, it is only ONE mouthful of noodles in each pathetic bowl. 

We had a total of 49 bowls in the end

The food is pretty awesome in here, especially the wanton skin!
Walked past the kitchen outside and I had to gag (a couple of times) because it was pretty unhygienic. But this is where all the good food is! John used to tell me food that are popular with people are salty and tasty because the hawkers don't wash the woks.


Restaurant is better known as
Victory Monument (In English)
Anoodsawari (In Thailand)
Tel: 089-9213378 or 089-0494252

 It was a long walk to get to our bus where we have to head off to another town which we were slated to stay in for the first 2 nights. Which explains why we were all lugging our barangs through the streets looking 100% touristy. 

Headed off to Bangsan Beach once we settled into the apartment!

Was surprised to see hundreds of make shift huge umbrellas and chairs on the beach! 

Look at the background! I think there are more than a thousand umbrellas! 

Horseshoe crab which we all thought tasted horrible. I gagged again after taking my first bite.
Oddly, Thai ppl love it so if you happen to head there, try it and let me know! 

Fresh crabs. It was soooo fresh I felt like vomitting and I gagged again haha. 

Pronounced as Cow Lam (but it is not spelled like this). It is a hometown delicacy where they steamed rice inside a bamboo. This is really delicious! 

Had some games in the sea after the seafood feast.
Almost died playing this game where 5 of us sat in a sofa float and a jetski pulls the bed along. We only had small handles that we can hang on for our dear lives. A friend actually told our ski-er to "play at maximum and not to give chance". I think we were travelling at 120+ km/h in the sea!
One of our friends flew out of the sofa float and the impact was realllllyyy hard that she sank deep into the sea! Zomg!
For me, I sprained my ankle when we flew so high in the air and John just had to land on my leg -.- 
Trust me, if you are heading there for the games, the Banana Boat is a safer option haha.

It wasn't long before we headed back to change and went out to a popular joint well known for their beef.
The food here is delicious! Love it so much!
Not really sure of the address though. Sorry! 

Went to many massage parlors in Sg but no place can ever beat this massage centre! It is cheap and extremely good! 

For some reason, the time is extremely slow in Thailand and we headed out for night entertainment at a really beautiful outdoor restaurant with live band. 

Looks like we are near the beach but we are not! The outdoor restaurant is decorated to exude the relaxing beach environment. Love the sand though! It is extremely clean and fine! 

So that concludes our first day in Thailand! Will be back to blog about day 2 and 3 once I collate the photos! 

With Love,


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