Wednesday, November 3, 2010 :: EXAMS ARE OVER!



This is exhilarating; exams are finally over!

But even before the exam was over, I went out to celebrate….Halloween haha. Not exactly though; we didn’t know where to go, so we drove around aimlessly to people-watch, get lost in the traffic, shop and…just wander about.

J; our loyal driver at the wheel, scrolling through his phonebook desperately to find our next source of entertainment. He sure looks determined Smile with tongue out 


Edwin; our swinging bachelor hahaha. He’s soooo eligible! Any takers? Busty Fel? Cheryl?
(If a blog can be burned down, I think the 2 ladies will…)


Kenny; our last passenger of the night and no, he’s out of bounds.


And US! The couple rocking the front seats!





The mesh underlay ripped top that I am wearing in the above photos is now available at KissJane @ CityLink in only 3 pieces. A really lovely piece! It will not be available online.

And, I have definitely gained weight over the past 3 months due to stress, major upsets and disappointment. This 2010 is a dramatic year for me, tsk. J said I looked healthier with my new “muffin” face and arms but I beg to differ. Anyway, things are definitely looking up and I am looking forward to clearing off my debt asap, celebrating birthdays, ZoukOut (it’s gona be my first!), Christmas & Countdown!

Life always seem to be more cheerful and optimistic when we look on the brighter side of life, come to realization with our inner self (a state I call enlightenment) and most importantly, look forward to something. It can be a day, an event, an activity. Or you can be expecting something or somebody. In a nutshell, looking forward to a matter makes the waiting process more enjoyable and definitely, mold you into a simpler person who will be easily contented and be appreciative of what is happening at the moment.

Sometimes, when we ask for too much, we tend to lose out on the little details that make us who we are at the end of the day.

So people, be cheerful! Look forward to lovely December and enjoy each day as it passes! ^^

I’m heading out for a steamboat with the awesome people above! Life is definitely looking up!

With Love,


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