Friday, September 24, 2010 :: Roses & ME




I just love roses and floral prints so much. I’m probably the craziest person over roses. But I guess I won’t be receiving roses anytime soon.

I want roses decorations during my wedding. I want all my guests to receive a victorian old rose ring as a door gift. I want roses as carpet on the pedestal. I want the entire ceremony in English-Victorian floral theme and I will wear a Grecian inspired wedding gown.



Topshop black wedges and black low cut redwings.

I have the same wedges in dusty pink as well. Lovelove!!! S2!! Can totally walk in it 24 hours without feeling the sore on my feet. In case you are wondering, the retail price is $159.

I am flying on a short trip this Saturday! Shopping time! ^^

With Love,


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