Monday, September 27, 2010 :: SKINCARE, MAKEUP, FOOD & BROWS



Shisedo White Lucent Eye Brightening Treatment

Recently I have gotten this product to try and it has only been 2 nights but I am so pleased with the results! :)


IMG_1890 Revlon PhotoReady Liquid Foundation

I love this product by Revlon. I could say it is comparable to Mac liquid foundation. While the latter is cakey, this provides good coverage and can last for at least 6 hours without touchup. 4/5 I would say.



Blush by Loreal

There was no reason for me to get another blusher but I just had to try new makeup products so I gotten this lovely color blush from Loreal. After trying it, I was insistent on getting it as the color is so pretty on my cheeks! There was no more left and I shamelessly pleaded to get the tester instead hahahaha.

I can be THAT insistent, teehee XD


Sushi Tei Collage

I have been visiting many foodie places recently ^^ The cheese scallop above is pretty dope. Definitely going back!


I am so happy when I see food, I don’t know why. I am even happier when I see ice cream, snacks, desserts, anything colorful, sweet or salty. When I am at Haji Lane, I am always getting ice cream from Pluck. So when I work from 1pm to 8pm at Vainpot, Pluck will earn at least $10.60 from me or even more on sunny days. Tsk. They should give me some rebate, shouldn’t they? hahaha.



Stretchable Victorian Lace Top from VGY Collection 72 and thick eyebrows



Thick, strong and dark brows against red lips


I love strong and thick eyebrows. Rather than the conventional thin eyebrows with perfectly arch brows, I prefer something dark to complement my eyes and it gives my face a structured lift so I stand out from the rest :)

And, it seems like thick and full eyebrows are here to stay judging by the fashion shows for Spring & Fall 2010. The recent Narcisco Rodriguez’s Fall 2010 show featured models with very thick eyebrows.

Also at Chloe Spring 2010 fashion show, natural eyebrows (when I say natural, it meant clean with no stray hairs, thick and au natural) seem to join the runway with cloaks, trenchcoats and more.




My favourite actress Keira Knightley has one of the most beautiful brows I ever seen :]


VB Vogue

Victoria Beckham on Vogue Germany Cover for May 2010. Look at her beautiful thick brows!

VB Cover 2 VB cover

One day I hope to be able to do shoots like this :) It would be so much fun, wouldn’t it be? I love how Victoria’s thick brows stand out so naturally in these photos given the dark settings she has been portrayed in.

Japanese ladies usually soften their eyebrows to a hazel brown color so it makes them appear friendly at the first impression. What is yours?



I am heading back to Salon Vim for a new hair color in  natural rose. Excited to see how it turns out! ^^ Hearing the dye named as rose is already enough to titillate me hahaha.

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