Saturday, October 2, 2010 :: 1-altitude , 2AM Dessert & CLOTHES



Went to Stella @ 1-Altitude in OUB building for lunch. It is the world highest alfresco bar in the world (or so they claimed to be haha). A restaurant that serves modern cuisine and features wood-fired grill foodies and more. An exciting place to dine given the majestic view that got me so mesmerized. All my stress were temporarily gone; just got to say the view is extremely breathtaking at 60 storeys high.




Imagine dropping from this height.


L1090700-1 L1090695


L1090709-1   L1090703-1L1090731-1

Had a 3 course meal and these are some of the foodies. Didn’t manage to take nice shots for all but..these are good enough to make you lick your screen I suppose! :D



2AM Dessert Bar @ Holland V. They were featured in the newspaper back then.



Ordered a dessert called Purple. Really nice :)



I can just smack my greedy lips right now looking at the drummies. The chef is very particular about the taste of the food served. Try these drummies with the special light sauce served.



If you can find any ice cream parlour, you can find me.



A mesh overlay bandage tube dress in black. The 2nd layer you see is actually mesh. Able to fit up till a small UK size 10. This will be launched in Collection 74. I am expecting it to be a sell out because it is a really nice piece :) Can cover your tummy imperfections thanks to the mesh layers in front.



My favourite 4.5" inch high clogs which I can walk in it for 24 hours. And brown leather mid-cut red wing. Please don’t ask me where I got my shoes from! You can find them easily in lj sprees etc.



I am thinking of selling this oversized black jumpsuit I am wearing. And many more of my clothings which I have only worn once. Maybe I should open a selling post here haha. Any takers?


Before I end this post. I hope Tintin will stay healthy and be a happy little puppy. She vomitted some sticky foamy substance and got me all frantic and flustered when I reached home. Imagine my shock; I just burst out crying.


I love you Tintin :*] We will always be together! You and me! S2.

With Love,


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