Wednesday, October 27, 2010 :: a dance event, gorgeous tresses & kissjane


Finally done with my first 2 exams; Finance and Econs paper, both which I took only 1 night or less than 3 days to revise thanks to the Apple orders matter. Gulp~

Taking a breather away from my books before my 3rd paper this Friday, here are some photos of the latest event I had with Natasha Studio (check them out here) and my new hair in natural rose!

Natasha Studio held a Bboy showdown competition at Esplanade and together with Tappy, we were the hosts for the night. The winner is Bboy Mac Spencer :) Congrats!




Dearest J could not get a good clear shot of us as he was far away from the stage. It had been so long since I wore my SD military cap out :/ And spot the red watch on my hand. J randomly brought me into a shop, strap a watch on my wrist, agree that it is nice and purchase it in a matter of 10 minutes. Haha but I secretly love it so much because it’s red! Thank you so much, love :/ !




This is a photo of my old hair color, the color which you see in the recent Collection 72. Went to the Vintage Restaurant located at Bussorah Street with dearest J.



Headed off to Salon Vim to look for J and he created a new color for my hair which I mentioned in the previous post. It is called the natural rose and he added in pretty soft red highlights in a shape of an “L” at the left of my head where the weight of my hair is the heaviest. He mentioned about creating a signature trend of his own for this season by having only 3 packets of highlights on his customers’ hair. The effect is absolutely gorgeous with the soft red highlights blending in naturally into the natural rose base color. It is not the usual red that I see on most heads.

Dearest J used a unique technique to cut my hair in such a way my inner layers curl naturally and my hair look thicker than it actually is. J, you are damn awesome!








Here’s the man behind my gorgeous tresses :o)


Lastly, VGY is now located at KissJane in CityLink Mall! I love the store concept and layout. Everything is in pastels of cream and I adore cream colors! Know what? Hershey’s is just directly opposite us! Nomnomnom~

All clothings placed in KissJane are not sold in VGY online boutique NOR Vainpot. Most of it are sourced overseas and are manufactured with quality fabrics with only 1-2 pieces or less than 5 pieces available.



Everytime I look at VGY’s logo, I am overwhelmed with happiness and pride :*) It is the testament of the fruit of my labour, my passion for fashion and a clothing brand which I built with only less than $100 to start with.

This is VGY’s 3rd retail shop space and I hope she will continue to grow in many years to come :*)

Rock on, VGY!


With Love,


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