Friday, October 15, 2010 :: before the exam starts, gulp


I love the new curling tongs I have. Look at how natural my hair look. It’s like I am born with these curls haha.

IM SOLD. But I wonder how will the response be when this curling tongs are launched in VGY new collection.



And this is my natural curled hair (permed @ Salon Vim 1 month ago).
Haha I love the chiffon maxi so much. Have worn it twice; it’s the one similar to the previous entry. Will be selling it off in my personal selling post coming up after my exams!



I have been camping at TCC at Terminal 3 to study of late. Stayed there till 3AM in the morning, chalked up a bill of $99+. & thank you so much to Eugene for coaching me! (L) :) I appreciate your help~!

This is Peach-Me-Up; a very romantic drink :*) Try it when you are there!



And…I lost my new sunnies on the cab today :( And it is only my first time wearing it!
Chances are very small but I just have to say it here; If you happen to find it, puh…leeezzzeee return it back to me! I will give you a combo hug + kiss!



Lastly, let’s work hard for our exams, all RMIT mates! ^^!

With Love,


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