Thursday, November 25, 2010 :: DECEMBER BABY


Maybe I can get J to do one of these styles for me for the new year. I love the 2nd look; edgy, vogue and chic. I can also go for the last look which is my favourite. I always find big curls very sexy and easily a head-turner.

Busty Fel, wanna do the 1st look for VGY new poster photo? Haha. Color spray hair like mad –_-“


colored hair


lovely hair

the hair



- - -

In preparation for ZoukOut, I have been working out with Fel. Look, even dogs are exercising. Prolly should get Tintin to start on a training regime.

exercising pet

I am considering getting a friend for Tintin. Maybe a white pomeranian?



Keeping up with the animal hats trend…

pet in trend


- - -

Of course, not forgetting makeup and color trends. Vavavoom GOLD is now on the bandwagon. Just the perfect color for me :)


Maybe I could try this…just for the fun of it hahaha.

eye makeup

Yes Of course! My scarlet red lippy which will complete my look. Not sure if it can go with my lovely gold.. I guess a subtle gold shimmer on my lids would suffice. I am determined to wear red on my lips. You don’t know how good it look on me :p


- - -

Nails in Vogue. Yay. Painting my nails blue would be complimentary to my new ring J bought for me!


- - -

I will be preparing Christmas gifts for some special chosen ones on my list this year!
With love from J and I :)

This year, Christmas will be a time of love giving and celebrations for me. By giving out little gifts making people happy, it will put a big smile on my face and I am determined to start a new year exhilarated, happy and blessed!

Love goes around and will come back to you in the end (o:  
So smile, give love and be thankful people!

love season

With Love,


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