Wednesday, November 17, 2010 :: Suwimm suwimm


Went for a swim with Busty Fel today in preparation for ZoukOut haha.

She’s my bestfriend 2006; only for year 2006 (we won Teenage Magazine BestFriends 2006 competition) hahaha.

Busty Fel is actually my best mate from poly years, my dance partner, my loyal photographer for VGY and my alter ego for a bustier front lol. She almost fainted when she saw how fat I grew in the recent photoshoot (ya I like to walk naked around her). As mean as she can be, I was told I have “a disappearing jawline and a developing double chin” –____-

I was recommended Bio Essence Face Slimming cream by my air stewardess friend to contour and slim down my face. Will be getting it soon to try it out and will give reviews about it!

On a lighter note, the nonsensical but optimistic side of me positively believe that I am 60 swimming sessions (of 30 laps each) away from having Jessica Alba’s abs. Now, doesn’t that sound like music to the ears? ;) It’s almost therapeutic to me. Ahh the powers of believing.










Busty Fel, I will be a toned up long legged beauty on 11th Dec :P


With Love,


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