Saturday, November 13, 2010 :: BABYLISS CURLING TONG by VGY


Spent 3 hours working on the video and finalllllyyyyy, the VGY video for the curling tong is now up on YouTube! A new collection will be launched very soon tomorrow on Sunday!

Hope the video is good! It’s my first attempt at such editing for commercial purposes.

The curling tong by BabyLiss is even better than my own curling tong which I used many collections back. It has a clip and is definitely much easier to use. The curls created are very natural and will have lustre shine which can last through the day. It is very unlike the other curlers which caused curls to lack of shine and induce breakage + split ends in your hair at the end of the day.

And I really need to reiterate, I approached Salon Vim to get these curling tongs as I fell in love with them after dearest J styled my hair for me using these tongs on numerous occasions. It is definitely not blatant advertising of these tongs you see in VGY. I only promote what is really good after trying it on myself. Many customers usually ask what I use to curl my hair, style my hair etc. So everything including the products used are included in this video! :)


Use Of BabyLiss Curling Tong by VGY in Collection 73

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