Sunday, November 21, 2010 :: Pretty Lashes, Lovely tresses


Soon, I will be promoting the mascara used to create the beautiful lashes you see in the photos below. I have been given the mascara to try prior to any agreement made to advertise for this online shop; I will only agree to be sponsored provided the mascara is good. 

Definitely not acting like some haughty big shot here but as I mentioned 2 entries back, I will only promote what is good if it works on me; not simply blatant advertising which I consider atrocious and deceptive.

And I am SOLD because the mascara is pretty amazing! I was in awe after applying 2 coats of the mascara. I thought nothing can beat my Loreal mascara which always had friends/strangers asking me if my lashes are real. This mascara can even create Lady Gaga thick and voluminous lashes after 6 coats of fiber! And the best thing is, you do not have to wear fake lashes to pull off looking like you have used falsies.

This really HAD ME SOLD at my first try.

*All photos below are taken by my iphone and is original with no edits made to the lashes.


The photo above is taken BEFORE applying the mascara. Notice my not-so-visible lashes although I applied 1 layer of my own mascara from Deja-Vu.

- - -

The photos below show my lashes after applying the sponsored mascara.






- - -

Even when taking photo from afar (from head to tummy), the lashes are thick and visible; just like having fake lashes on :D


And I really have to thank J sincerely :*)

My hair has became visibly thicker and I feel so much more confident thanks to the special techniques he used to cut my hair. Although my hair is still as little; a fact that is hard to change even after applying so many types of tonic :(, J confidently assured me to put my hair in his care and he will ensure my hair will grow to look thicker.

I have never regretted nor look back ever since.

Now, I feel so much confident with my tresses. I love my hair color which he specially formulated to suit my skin color (ah yes, J is real good in colors), and I definitely adore my haircut. His recommendation of the right products to use really helped in giving my tresses a luscious outlook.

Having beautiful hair is very important to me as a bad hair day will really spoil my mood:( Some people may think I am spoilt but I can’t help hanging my head down when I do not have the hairdo I am pleased with. And I think I may not be the only one who feel this way? Having gorgeous hair really do wonders to up my confidence! :) With that,


With Love,


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