Wednesday, September 22, 2010 :: The next chapter of my life


Here goes. Shifted from my previous blog as one chapter of my life has ended and I’m on a journey in the next chapter. My turning point of life at age 22. Cheers to me.

I am extremely grateful to the support and encouragement I received from strangers, friends, acquaintances throughout the previous month when I was picking up the pieces of my life. I feel appreciative of these people and I have to mention them here. Thank you so much to people like:

Busty Fel, my very good friend from my poly years whom always think and talk objectively, gives me assurance despite maintaining a neutral point of view.

Michelle from Natasha Studio, the wife of my dance instructor. She have been supporting me throughout the entire ordeal without questioning my decisions and I am very thankful for that.

Yee Siang, my best poly mate who hear me out, console me without judging nor doubting my character. He’s now situated in Scotland and I wish him all the best :) You know some kind of friends when you can forgo meeting up for 10 years and still feel as close as the best of friends; that is how this lovely friend of mine stand in my heart.

Tintin, my lovely puppy who always sit by my side and lick away my tears and trying her best to stand on her hind legs to make me smile :*)

Serene & Matt, the people behind MMTP and my partners for Vainpot. I am thankful to have them run a shop with me and also rushed down to my house at midnight the moment they knew what happened. Don’t know how Vainpot can pull through without them.

Alice Turquoise, Seaweed Jaychou, Amanda Hoon, to mention a few of these virtual facebook friends who gave me support and encouragement. I cried as I read through these supportive messages as it really gave me strength to pull through and I don’t know how to thank these lovely people out there. I may not know who you are but I will remember your kind words and how you formed a pillar of strength in me.

Elvin and Ryan, my SIM classmates who hear me blabber nonsense during the past 2 months, consoled me and gave advices. I have been skipping classes so often this semester and these are the people whom can tell my life had been upside down. I am really thankful to Elvin for supporting me through our group project. I remember that period of pretty intense and awful for me.

To all the rest whom have sent me encouraging messages and gave me a pat on my back, thank you :*] I don’t know how to thank you enough but, thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

I type this entry with the notion this ordeal will be over and I will move on and take on more challenges in life. VGY will prosper and I will pass my exams with flying colors. I have been strong enough to move on, I have not hugged anyone for emotional support when I cry and I shall not cry again.

- - - - - - - -


My dearest friend, Busty Fel who attended the NUS SCIENCE PAEGANT with me when I was the guest judge and sponsor for the apparels worn. The theme was old hollywood glamour and we gamely dress up for the event :] Love you felfel XD !!



This is Elvin, my SIM friend. Thankful to catch him around in school when I was all alone :)

I get alot of questions where I do my curls, what I use to curl/tong my hair etc. I am pleased to tell you girls I will be selling the tongs I use in VGY Collections very soon! It will be happening in the month of November! The curls you see in the above photo and the one below are all created by the similar curling tongs. I may be doing a tutorial in VGY website or in this blog to use the tongs BUTTTT no promises yet! :)


A photo with minimal makeup on; no eyeliner etc. Just mascara, light blush and red lipstick with nicely curled hair. Hair is curled by the similar curling tong as well and lasted me the entire day.

So, keep a look out for the special curling tong which will be released in the month of November! I am pretty excited as I decided to get the rights to sell this tong here in VGY because it works so well for me and I hope to pass on my knowledge of good beauty products that I have given my thumbs up for! Till then, thank you so much for your moral support, encouragement and advices, and I will move on and be happy healthy always :*)

With Love,


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