Wednesday, September 24, 2014 :: Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future (And Success Legacy)

Since I was really young, I have seen my mom and aunts using Elizabeth Arden in their skincare routine and particularly their famous Green Tea perfume which my mom still has it today. So Elizabeth Arden is not a brand that is new to me. What is new and surprising to me is the way I have perceived this brand in the past and that I was wrong to associate it with older users. Having tried two of their key products, it is such a joy to slap on the moisture cream and Ceramide Flawless Future powered by ceramide caplet serum because they actually deliver a good load of moisture and provide luminosity to my face. Having a glowing complexion is what I constantly PURSUE after with the use of different skincare products and I can confidently tell you, not many products can provide enough hydration for my dry skin, especially my undereye and cheeks. The blemishes and discoloration on my cheeks get worse everytime after an episode of working under the sun due to the nature of my work. 
It is also very sad to admit that at the age of 26 now, I am starting to see signs of aging and my skin tends to get dull easily if I skin a night or two of skincare. When I wake up the next morning, my skin will be dull and dry . 
So I was really pleased to find out that Elizabeth Arden will be coming aboard to support the LIVE workshop happening really soon this Saturday, 27 Sept, from 10am to 3pm :*) They have prepared a luxurious goodie bag for all my attendees and I cannot be more thankful! 

These 2 products are now included in my skincare routine and I have to say that the Caplet Serum helps to even my skin tone such that the redness around my cheeks which often surfaces after using facial scrub will be soothed and do not appear as red. Most importantly, my skin feels like it is being re-texturized such that upon running my fingers in an upward motion on my face, it is smooth and silky to the touch. The application of my makeup also glides on more smoothly and my laugh lines do not seem as prominent with every application. So thumbs up for this product! 

This is going to be such a huge leap in whatever I am doing now – sowing where I want to reap a harvest. And I have been extremely blessed that partners and companies like Elizabeth Arden, Success Legacy, The Story Behind and so many more are lending me their support in the legacy that I wish to share and leave behind. 
Cannot be more thankful and I hope to be able to share as much as I am able to and help as many aspiring individuals out there as I can! On this show, I will also be revealing the big changes to VGY so please stay tuned to the show and show me your support as I spread the goodwill of VGY all around the world! If you are unable to tune in, you may download the show which includes the presentation slides I have prepared and the bonus materials which I will reveal trade secrets in there. All these can be downloaded at a small fee and 40% of the proceeds will be going to Autism Association of Singapore for the #50for50 Sg Changemaker Charity Project. 
Let us all do our part for the less fortunate! God bless your beautiful heart!

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