Monday, September 1, 2014 :: Art Loft: 49 Going On 50


To break the monotony from the daily work grind, I took a break from a day of work by visiting (and supporting) local pride with the girlfriends at Art Loft who is holding their second pop-up event from 28 August to 4 September.  

Set in a cosy, artist-run studio in TiongBahru, this historical backdrop is playing host to some amazing homegrown artist talents such as Sukeshi Sondhi, Chow CheeYong, Eeshaun Soh, Shin-young Park and Philipp Aldrup. 
With the national's 50th big  birthday next year (hey we are half a century old!), it is about time where everyone should honour Singapore's past, celebrate our present and embrace the future which lies in the hands of our kids, the change-makers. 

This artwork by Hans Tan who is a noted designer, curator and educator in Singapore with many awards and accolades to boot! 

As a young business owner myself, I appreciate platforms which gives emerging talents a chance be it featuring their works,  or even a business opportunity. I even spotted a fellow dancer-turned-artist Eeshaun there! 

Have time to spare this weekend? Make a trip down to this quaint space to view artworks from local artists. If you take fancy to a particular piece, you can even purchase the piece and hang it up for viewing appreciation! In fact, I have been visiting private art galleries to find the perfect nature landscape oil painting for my office in VGY workspace. I just find the right painting/artwork adds vitality and life to the living space otherwise what we wake up to daily would be the plain four walls (at least for me). 
There will be artist talks between 6-8pm  to explain their works so try to catch one of them at that timing (just like how I manage to sneak a small talk with Eeshaun)!   

Art Loft
82 Tiong Bahru, #01-21
Opens till 4 Sept! 
Weekdays: 5pm to 8pm
Weekends: 10.30AM to 6pm 

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