Monday, August 25, 2014 :: Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File review

So gone were the days when I had to sit in the bath and file my feet with a pumice stone. I cannot be more thankful - let me tell you why. I love soaking my feet in hot water and enjoying a classic pedicure in the process of doing it but everytime a pumice stone or a foot file goes under the sole, it tickles the hell out of me and I will skip the filing! Which is why, I tend to avoid classic pedicures as I do not  get the most out of it (considering how I nearly kicked a pregnant pedicurist last time). 

So I was pretty skeptical by Scholl's Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File when I first came to know about it from a friend (who later invited me to go try this "amazing product" in her words). Even so when I was trying this out for the first time and a pedicurist filed my feet with this electronic foot file, I filled the entire room with giggles and had sudden reflex movements because, yes I'm ticklish like that. 
There you go. That's me cringing in my seat. 






I was intrigued to try it again on my own in the comfort of my home after I saw how it filed away John's thick layer of hard skin which his pedicurist was unable to treat after 3 sessions. It was surprising and interesting to us because we saw how there were visible "dust" flying away from the feet as his foot was being exfoliated. The dead skin which was filed away looked like sawdust in the air. I think one can actually get obsessed with seeing all these dead skin get filed away because the more "sawdust" in the air means you are that closer to baby smooth skin on the feet. I for one had that unexplainable satisfaction from seeing the dust fly away from my feet haha. 



I have quite dry and rough skin on the neck of my big toe and mould of my feet (refer to photo below) because most of the times, I am in heels causing pressure on these areas which has hardened and became really rough skin. 


After 1st treatment 

And look at my heel cracks which got better after a second treatment with this electronic foot file. 

After trying it for myself BY yours truly, I realized, it is actually not as ticklish as someone else doing it for me and definitely more bearable than using a foot file or a pumice stone! This is coming from someone who cannot bear having her foot exfoliated. 
I will let my video review (yes a video review finally from me) speak of my experience with this electronic foot file. I know I know, I rarely do video reviews but when the man agrees this is a good product, I gotta do it because I am saving the women from hearing the unbearable sound of rough feet dragging about in the house. We women gotta do our yoga in peace, y'know? ;) 
PS: John has expressed interest in being featured here so I may be doing a review on his feet once we manage to get the callouses off!

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