Sunday, August 31, 2014 :: Beautiful Feet With Scholl

Something that I have experienced - being in heels all day long especially for a prolonged period of time will eventually result in hard, rough skin. I hope that I am more diligent in slapping on moisturizer on my feet every night before I sleep but the thought of having to first scrub my feet (traditionally using a pumice stone) then moisturizing…..does not work for a busy person like me who is always chasing after more time.

But I can now have beautiful and smooth skin in the comfort of my home and this is good news (let me repeat) for a busy person like myself. I get the dead skin electronically filed away within 5 minutes!   
Thanks to Scholl's Velvet Smooth electronic foot file which is ergonomically designed, refillable  and so convenient to use with the switch of button, this is one of the worthy beauty investment I would recommend if you are often in heels like I do! In the long run, this is definitely value for money as compared to every classic pedicure you will spend (approx UP. $30) at each session.  

John, who is constantly on his feet for long hours have developed really tough and hard skin which take ages for the pedicurist to file every single time. As we rarely get time at home already, we really appreciate being able to enjoy foot care in the comfort of our homes than spending an entire hour in a nail salon for a classic pedicure. 
Here are some photos from John haha: 

Read my full review including a video which I did here
The Scholl event is happening from 29 to 31 August, outside Ngee Ann City from 12pm to 9pm so do drop by if you are in the area to check this device out first hand and bring home some goodies from the kind folks at Scholl! I am pretty sure you will be a convert! ;)

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