Monday, August 18, 2014 :: Sennheiser: What’s Your Momentum

Long story aside, with dearest Beatrice's and John's schoolmate introduction (the world is so small!), I came to know of Ciar, a wonderful lady who works at Sennheiser and have so graciously gifted 2 sets of MOMENTUM On-Ear headdphones to both John and I few months back. We have been using them so regularly and in fact brought them overseas for use on boring flights (they make budget flights so much more bearable with quality music in your ears).
As a fan of Sennheiser, I couldn't say no when I was invited to their Sennheiser’s What’s Your Momentum campaign recently where an exciting event of café hopping was revealed alongside the attractive prizes. That was when I saw the red headphones for the first time and……fell in love with it! 


Fooling around with Bea and Peggy haha
Peggy’s cafe, The Tiramisu Hero is one of the cafes involved in Sennheiser’s cafe hopping event! More details below!

Love Evonne’s hair color in this photo! 
The event aside, those kind folks from Sennheiser especially Ciar who came to know about it swiftly sent me a new set in red (oh gosh!) alongside a new set of earphones! 



Allow me to digress - I have been on the phone with Ciar for some time where we chit chat and explore opportunities to work together for VGY when she realized she could not hear me over the phone and my voice was muffled (just like how you would sound when speaking via loudspeaker function). On the contrary, her voice was loud and clear to me. Apparently, my ERA JAWBONE bluetooth which I blew $180 on produces loud and crisp voice so I can hear even if you whisper BUT the poor fella over the phone is unable to hear me clearly and have to struggle to make out what I am saying even though I am close to screaming into the bluetooth. 





And that was how Sennheiser so generously gifted their Bluetooth headset alongside with my third pair of headphones WITH a appreciation card in it. Imagine how touched I was! Usually, brands will tend to gift only the items they wish to promote but Sennheiser actually went out of the way to get me a Bluetooth set so it will work properly when I speak to my clients for my property work. For that, I should be the one mailing out an appreciation card for them instead for being so attentive to my needs! :*) 
Whoa, I didn't know this post has gotten so long. But I really enjoyed writing this down to show my appreciation for the kind folks at Sennheiser and everyone there who have penned their name down in this card :*) 
Since I am at it, allow me to introduce their café hopping event where you can win prizes as you go around discovering new food places and collecting stamps! Here's how you do it!
In Sennheiser’s collaboration with 24 hipster cafes in Singapore, collect stamps at a number of cafes (yes! cafe-hop!), redeem reward vouchers and also stand a chance to win grand prizes like Sennheiser’s headphones and even a bicycle from Wheeler’s Yard! For more info, click here to read more! 
So good luck to you and hope one of my lucky readers can be the one snagging the top prize! :) 

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