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These past few months have been so hectic my skin have suffered as a result. Running about under the sun sometimes up to 3 hours in the direct sun due to the nature of my property work have resulted in pigmentation on my cheeks and really dry and sensitive skin. Because my skin have seen better days, this condition of my skin from stress and environment makes me feel that I have to do something about it. 
To spare some time out from my schedule for a facial appointment is really hard so I was thrilled when I was approached by Asian Skin Solutions for a facial. You know when you are pre-booked way earlier, there is no way you can skip that appointment because you have to drag yourself down for it haha. Yes, I have to book my appointments a month sometimes two in advance. 
So the trip down to Asian Skin Solutions proved to be a good treat for my stressed out skin. If you are impatient (well, we all are), you can scroll down below to see my skin the next day after the facial treatment ;) 
It started with the analysing of my skin and I pretty much hit the bull’s eye on my skin condition. 

A little fun to know information. The first box on upper left is the collagen on my face. On the top upper right box, it is my neck, and the bottom 2 boxes are my upper fore arm. The little triangles where the pink arrow is pointing at are directly related to the amount of collagen. As you can see, there is almost no collagen on my face (gasp). Whereas my arms, they have the ideal amount of collagen or should I say this, ideal skin that most women pursue after relentlessly by consuming supplements and whatnot. 
first pic - collagen 
This magic wand reveals everything about the skin (without makeup on). So…here it is, my problematic areas of concern are Pigmentation + Slightly Dry Skin + Excess Sebum. 
second pic - mois

The consultation ended with the prescription of the customized treatment known as CollaDew Treatment. As the treatment name suggests, this is an effective blend of Collagen + Dew Essence specially concocted to meet the means of common Asian combination skin problems. Penetrating deep into skin layers with the aim of repairing damaged skin cells. Let me highlight some key benefits of the CollaDew Skin Treatment. 
It provides maximum hydration into skin cells which are essential for repairing damaged cells. With ample hydration, it moisturizes dry skin for lesser sebum secretion. Collagen which is an essential component for healthy skin cells is a key component in this treatment. With its anti-aging properties, it gives a youthful skin appearance, promotes healthy skin generation and lightens pigmentation. 

Already in my bare skin before the treatment, can you see my pigmentation at my centre T-zone and my cheeks? 
All I can say is…the sun is really harmful for the skin. Just 2-3 weeks of being in the sun even with sunscreen on brings about pigmentation, sebum and enlarged pores in my case. You can see the condition of my skin more clearly in this photo. 
While I tucked myself into sleep under the comfy blankets, double cleansing (where makeup and dirt accumulated on the surface is being gently removed) and moisturizing mask with softening essence treatment (to soften hard-to-rid stubborn and clogged pores for better absorption of nutrients and deep-cleansing of pores) was underway. I got through the first 30 minutes in peace because there was no extraction. Yay to that! How do you hate it to suffer the pain of extraction!? I never believe in extraction and can you believe me when I say for all 26 years of my life, I do not and have not squeezed a single zit or black/white head on my face (many many thanks to the advice from my mom who used to be a beautician in her younger years)? I rely on facial and products instead and the result is a clean smooth canvas. So that is why I always tell my friends… 

DON’T ever squeeze ANYTHING on your face unless you really like having scars and holes”. 
With the skin well-prepped for maximum absorption of all the goodies, the next step was the Collagen Repairing Treatment. This treatment was coupled with the use of the repairing device so as to ensure the collagen is penetrated deep into inner layers of skin to promote repair of damaged skin cells. I would like to think that the repairing device ensures the delivery of collagen particles right into the inner layers of the skin ;) 
(Go on, my skin is extremely thirsty for all the collagen. And they thank you for it) 
Could barely open my eyes because the room was so dark and cosy until I asked for the light to come on to see my skin’s texture after the Collagen Repairing Treatment. Well well, the red pigmentation is greatly reduced and my skin looks more revitalized, isn’t it? ;) Really love the suppleness of my skin at this stage! 

I got into another 20 minutes or so of quick wink again when I was given the CollaDew Treatment Mask. 
This powerful skin treatment mask is known for its combination of both hydration and collagen properties. It helps to tackle visible problems on the skin surface, such as excess sebum, reduce irritation of skin cause by sun exposure or buildup due to prolonged improper makeup removal. To me, I feel that it is an indulgent mask that helps to hydrate and replenish the skin’s moisture and collagen levels for a soft and supple skin texture evident by touch. 
Lastly, I got into a deeper sleep at the Pressure Point & Shoulder Massage Therapy. This step is my favourite where my aching shoulders from using the computer day in and out, received a well-executed massage at the painful points. 
Left the place feeling realllyyyyy rejuvenated after a revitalizing customized skin treatment and massage at my painful shoulders. But definitely, the bonus is feeling better and more confident about myself and my skin ;) 
A key feature of Asian Skin Solutions Skin Treatments, apart from specialising in Asian skin problems, is that all skin treatments are developed in mind to eradicate the skin problems not only on the surface but from within. Additionally, they aim to improve the overall skin health and to build and promote healthy skin cell growth. 
To further complement the different series of skin treatments, Asian Skin Solutions also has their own series of carefully formulated products best suited for the different skin conditions of Asian Skin Types. I received two products suited for and to target my skin’s condition. 

Pore Refining Lotion
The nemesis of enlarged pores, Asian Skin Solution’s pore refining lotion contains natural Vitamin B5 and Green Tea extracts to minimize and refine enlarged pores without traumatizing or stripping your skin of its moisture. I like how this lotion absorbs quickly into the skin which preps my skin well for the next skincare product. 
Light Texture Moisturiser
This lightweight moisturiser specially formulated for dull and sensitive skin is so refreshing and finely textured! It gets absorbed quickly into my skin yet keeping my skin properly hydrated with natural radiance throughout the day. I keep dry and flaky skin at bay with this moisturizer :)
And lastly, this is my skin the next day after facial. Headed down to Graceous for a new set of eyelash extensions and the folks there commented on the good skin! ;) 

Good luck to you and I hope you like this recommendation! :)
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