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It has been months  since the Great Singapore Sale held on 14 and 15 June over at Vainpot Boutique ended with goals met and targets achieved. It is with immense sense of satisfaction and appreciation that I pen down this entry to thank the team at Vainpot Boutique, VGY and MMTP who have all came together to make this sale happen.
We usually work up to our necks 2 nights before to shift cartons of clothes into Vainpot Boutique. This year was no exception. We actually only managed to leave the boutique at 7AM in the morning where we quickly freshened up at home with a bath and had to make it down at 9AM. 


Li Young from Hilly Events hard at work

It wasn't easy getting out of the hectic shop to grab a photo at the photobooth courtesy of Ray Photography! Here are the kind folks from Hilly Events!

The night before is the usual scene of chaos and just….clothes and hangers strewn everywhere. This year was slightly different because we had the folks from Hilly Events over with us to do decorations in the boutique. You may consider looking for them to do up your place for a birthday celebration, a bachelorette’s night (yes I am considering!!), or even any large scale event you may be holding! The prices are pretty affordable I would say ;)

A big part of the success of this sale event can be attributed to Vainpot's intern, Yvonne Koh (Von for short as we have another Yvonne Koh in the office! What are the odds!) who had just joined us in May for a 3 months long stint. Many times, it was hair-pulling, fist clenching, table banging sorta' passionate emotions I experienced when Von was under my training haha. It was also my first time training an intern but this experience made me realize I actually like coaching and sharing my knowledge. Hm okay maybe not so much of the coaching (remember my passionate emotions) but more on sharing and making sure the people under my wing are able to learn and grow in the company. 

This year's mega sale saw the participation of many brands who have given their support earnestly which I cannot be more thankful for. Refer to my previous post here for more details. Thank you so much for coming on board and you have all played a role in contributing to the success of this inaugural sale event! THANK YOU! :*)
Moving forward, VGY is moving towards a huge change coming this October. Would like to think that VGY is taking baby steps to achieve her milestones because she is learning as she goes along, and when you do that, you commit mistakes and you learn from them. There are companies who scale heights really fast but VGY is not one of them. This company is born out of my passion and passion is the driving force behind achieving milestones - not so much about the money, although I have been very blessed to be able to make a career out of it, but more about the love behind this brand. Which is why I am taking time to enjoy the journey. 
Come October, there will be many changes to VGY which all goes towards building brand presence, brand image improvement, better corporate structure and working environment. Amongst them to name a few, major renovation underway for VGY’s very own brick and motar store, a brand new website and a fully equipped office. And I have to say, I am extremely blessed to be able to work with so many supporting companies who are coming together to make this happen for VGY. 

For one, Success Legacy, founded by my lovely friends, Eve Pek and Moses, have been working hand in hand with me and The Story Behind to produce a not-your-ordinary fashion video for VGY AW2014 teaser. More on this when the video comes out later this month :*) 
Onto Success Legacy, I will be coming onto this company’s platform to talk about how I turned my passion for fashion into a viable business. More about what I will be covering in the video below :) 
It will be a first time for me coming out to share about my experiences and trade secrets in my line of work. I hope that by sharing my experiences, I can (once and for all haha) answer all the questions that I have been receiving in my email for the past 3 years on how I run my business. Just kidding. I am very supportive of start-ups and enterprising individuals as I have been one myself. I know how valuable it will be to be able to hear experiences shared by someone who has been there, done that. I may not be a good speaker but I will try my best to share everything that is important to know in this industry, the ups and downs I have experienced and how I achieve milestones. 
photo (1)
The RSVP is now open for this LIVE workshop proudly sponsored by Elizabeth Arden, Hic Juice and SongFa. HOWEVER the seats are extremely limited as I wish for it to be a cosy session. To stand a higher chance to receive an invite for this LIVE session happening on 27 Sept from 10am to 3pm, here’s how you can up your chances after you RSVP at their website: 
1. Upload a photo (can be anything!) with caption telling Success Legacy why you wish to attend!
2. Tag @success_legacy
3. Hashtag #SLVGY 
Psst, you get even higher chances if you upload a simple video of yourself explaining why you wish to attend! ;) 

1. Post a status on Facebook telling Success Legacy why you wish to attend!
2. Tag Success Legacy ( in your status 
Thank you for lending me your support for this workshop and I hope through this sharing experience, VGY will be able to add value into your business! Attendees will all get a luxurious goodie bag courtesy of Elizabeth Arden so good luck and RSVP away!

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