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Just last month, I have been appointed as a blogger ambassador for SK-II on Clozette!  I got on an exciting project with Clozette where I filmed three exciting SK-II videos showing how I incorporate SK-II into my skincare regime. As many have been interested in seeing my bare skin on video, one of it will be showcasing my skincare routine to achieve clear and baby smooth skin even after the massive year end festive period when we feast and party notoriously :) Then we have another video where I share my travel essentials from makeup to  skincare and fashion suitable for a cold country like Tokyo (as there is so much interest from my previous trip there)! Lastly, there is a video specially for the petite ladies – not going to reveal too much of it so stay tuned to the releases launching between Oct to Dec 2013! ;) 
I also had the privilege of reviewing SK-II Stempower Essence this time round. One of their stellar products and I welcome it with open arms as a new addition to my growing collection of skincare products. 
To be honest, I have never had any major issue with my skin except for the unsightly black and whiteheads and dryness from time to time. It was not until recently during the past couple of years when I started to use skincare products. To be exact, I used to skip cleansing, toning, moisturizing (yes yes I know it is not good for my skin) until the start of this year. I used to have pigmentation which had gone away when I introduced SK-II into my skincare regime few months back. As I hit my mid-twenties this year (very unfortunately haha), I began to take note of the imperfections in my skin which very oddly, was not prevalent or noticeable to me in the past. I reckon as I grow older, my skin’s ability to regenerate itself slowed down which attributed to imperfections such as pigmentation surfacing (and staying), uneven skin tone, dullness and sagginess (remember my laugh lines and sunken cheeks?). Yes, gone were the days of bouncy, baby smooth skin with plumpness that speak volumes of youth. 
I have a habit of understanding and learning the ingredients in my skincare before I go ahead to purchase/use. That of course, applies to all over the counter cosmetic skincare products except doctor’s prescribed ones. The reason is simple, if the product worked on me, it can mean one of the ingredients or the key ingredient in it works for my skin and my skin drinks it up thankfully.  By taking note of what ingredients work for me, I can easily pick up products in future that contain that particular ingredient because I know it will work for me. Do you have this habit too? 
In SK-II Stempower Essence, the three main ingredients are Pitera, Stem-Acanax and Artichoke Extract. Pitera, the key ingredient in all SK-II products which require no further introduction. I am actually more interested in explaining Stem-Acanax because this compound goes deep within the skin to help promote the formation of the proteins that radically improve the skin’s firmness. More on this later. 
To accurately review this product, I stopped using all other brands and use an entire range of SK-II products for 15 days which include the following in the order of application: 

1. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
2. SK-II Facial Treatment C
3. SK-II Stempower Essence 
4. SK-II Cellumination Essence EX (only on days when my skin feels dry) 
But of course, it is best used with the entire SK-II Stempower range for best optimal results. 
To start with, I have not gone without facial for 2 months now and without monthly maintenance, my skin looks stressed out. On the third day when I used the Stempower Essence, my left cheek actually had a few bumps (2-3), nothing big to be worried about so I got off the Stempower Essence for 2 days before  resuming it. On my second attempt on it, there was no further breakout and I continued with it for the next 10 days. 
Here comes the amazing part. I am someone who is extremely conscious about little improvements to my face. Such as, how a light feathery stroke of bronzer can sculpt my cheekbones where the similar step carried out on my friend had her going “what’s the difference with that little bit of bronzer??”. That I hope can illustrate to you how sensitive I am to little changes.

Upon using the product for 10 days straight (once in morning, once at night), I actually realized that fine lines on my face were less noticeable and more amazingly, I noticed my skin around my lower cheekbones (where my laugh lines are) become more plump. The difference in the improvement of my skin texture, pores index and plumpness of my skin was not overly big but for just 10 days of use, the difference is enough to be noticeable by me.

photo 3-1

My conclusion to this product, taking in consideration my minor breakout to it during the first 3 days of use is, this product cannot be included in my daily skincare regime. However, when you need a product that can give you fast results (say your birthday celebration is coming in 10 days, or wedding around the corner, or an important date/function) to improve dull skin texture, less visible pores and plumpness of skin volume, this Stempower Essence is the stellar product to invest in for that radical firmness in the shortest period of time. I believe this fast results is attributed to the key ingredients mentioned earlier in my post – which can quickly penetrate into your skin and reach the deepest layers to restore the regenerative ability of your cells. But of course, results may vary depending on your skin’s condition. For me, I am keeping this product when I need a booster for that important event ;) 
To purchase SK-II Stempower Essence, click HERE for free delivery. Love convenient online purchases from reputable stores! ;) 
Good luck and cheerios to good skin! <3

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