Tuesday, October 8, 2013 :: To Seoul & Jeju With Innisfree!

If this timely opportunity isn’t god-sent, I don’t know what I have done to deserve this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am so glad to reveal now that I am the only chosen blogger in Singapore to be flown into Seoul and Jeju Island for a media junket of a popular au-natural Korean brand who is coming to Singapore this Nov! 
In a couple more hours, John will be flying off to London on a midnight flight and my flight to Korea will be just a few hours away. I had been pretty upset that I will be home alone for the 2 weeks when he is not around until this opportunity came and everything just fell right into place :*) And I am so thankful to have caring girlfriends who are worried about me being alone and had been planning to whisk me away on a short trip. No matter what, thank you so much, Evonne and Yina :*) 
Back to topic, the Korean brand which I am going to discover on this trip is a naturalism beauty brand known as  INNISFREE! Read on and you will get to understand the brand and my itinerary in Korea! 

Brand Symbol  

Who and What is Innisfree? 
The brand name “innisfree” means “free island”, with an effort to provide healthy beauty for customers with the benefits of nature offered by a pure island and to actualize an eco-friendly green life that treats nature with respect. Innisfree has enjoyed a consistent run of hit products since 2006, such as the Olive Real line, Wine Peeling Softener, and Jeju Green Tea line. In particular, Green Tea Seed Serum and Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, which were launched in 2010, went on to become million-selling products. As I am penning this entry down, Innisfree currently operates 741 stores! Woah!
And I am pleased to reveal that Innisfree is coming to Singapore in Takashimaya S.C. this year end in Nov! 

Five Promises Of Innisfree 
1. Natural and reliable ingredients
2. Ethical consumption
3. Eco-friendly green design
4. Eco-friendly green life
5. Sensuous experiences 
And I am heading to Korea to personally experience these promises the brand strongly advocates. Onward to Jeju, it is one of the big 3 Green Tea producing district (and an organic district to boot!) and I am going to visit this beautiful “Island of Gods” to check out where and how Innisfree harvest their ingredients! 
I was also telling the Innisfree people excitedly over a briefing that I will splurge on all the green tea consumables in these beautiful fields because John and I are big lovers of green tea! 

Day3_Seogwang Tea Garden 2
(Seogwang Tea Garden which I will be visiting! )

Day3_Seogwang Tea Garden
The Innisfree Jeju House which I will be visiting to experience how the brand extracts the “goodness” out of ingredients harvest in Jeju and also learn how to make my own natural soap! Typing in glee because I love love loveeeee hands on activities! 
Day3_Jeju House 2
In it, I will also be well treated with sumptuous organic food cooked with ingredients grown on this beautiful island. Yum tums! On the contrary that people tend to put on holiday weight after a trip overseas, I foresee myself still staying slim and even healthier than before teehee. 
Day3_Jeju House
I will be posting many photos and even videos on my instagram when I am there so follow me at @vaingloriousyou! In the past, posting short vids online is not possible not to mention the tedious editing time so I was not able to share and give a close-to-live and surreal experience through stagnant photos on my instagram but NOW I can via videos on instagram! :D 
Day3_O'Sulloc Tea Museum
The O’sulloc Tea Stone! Definitely promise loads of videos when I am there! I can almost visualize the tranquillity and picturesque scenery already :*) 
Day3_O'Sulloc Tea Stone Class

If you know me well enough, I always strongly believe in brands with strong R&D. Innisfree is nested under a company known as AmorePacific which also owns Laneige and many other reputable brands. AmorePacific is a company with advanced scientific techniques which Innisfree is harnessing to create its skincare products, on top of using the most natural ingredients from Jeju, one of the 7 wonders in the world. 
It is like using green and natural products on your face with the healthy natural energy drawn from Jeju. Just thinking about it makes me feel excited for this brand’s arrival in Singapore!
Follow me on my instagram (@vaingloriousyou) and stay tuned to my post-trip blog entry! I promise to take many photos of Seoul and Jeju! <3 
This Oct, blessing came in a form of such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity bestowed upon me amidst the rough and changing tides I am going through this year. I cannot be more thankful :*)

With Love,


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