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Before I get started on this post, I need to mention that although these products may be sponsored, it is entirely up to me to do a non-bias review based on my personal experience. So here in this post is my honest experience on DrX products and progression of my skin condition in its entire account :) I am now a firm believer of this brand and have been advocating it to everyone around me, even strangers! 
On many encounters like one with Guerlain’s makeup artist, who mentioned my skin condition is extremely good and yet another encounter during a meeting at the OSIM office had the ladies in the office complimenting and questioning how my skin looked so clear and radiant without makeup. And it is true. I have been leaving house without foundation, blusher and concealer nowadays because my skin have gotten that good under the care of DrX products. 

(Only with DrX sunscreen, eyebrows drawn and VDL triple tone lipbalm)


The Chira-Wash which cleanses thoroughly without stripping the skin surface of its natural protective lipids. You know when you use some facial cleansers, it makes the skin feels so tight and dry that it produces a rough “sandpaper” sound when you run your palms across your face gently? That is because the skin is stripped of its natural lipids and oil due to the harshness of the facial cleanser. However, using Chira-Wash helps to remove most of the impurities in my skin as compared to other facial washes but it is not as harsh as my brand X facial wash. This was concluded when I cleansed my skin with a toner afterwards, there were visible impurities and dirt on the cotton wool when I used brand X facial wash. 
The DrX toner is one that comes without alcohol. It enhances the cleansing process for better absorption of the remaining DrX products which I will be using on my face. Gotta give thumbs up for this toner! Love it so much and it makes my skin feel so clean without feeling the tightness (usually experienced with a toner with alcohol content). 

The star of this entry has to be the award winning Comedone Formula. This is a product that I swear by! It is a natural formulation containing botanical extracts, which reduces the appearance of comedomes (blackheads & whiteheads) and blemishes. And I am proud to say, my strawberry nose has been eradicated haha. On top of that, my pores have been drastically reduced just after 2 weeks of usage. Which is why I am able to go without foundation because there are no longer unsightly pores I need to conceal :) In fact, I am on my second bottle now! 

Another product that I highly recommend is the Max-C. 
I still remember when I was first introduced to Max-C by Chester, who works in DrX, I was pretty skeptical although he was crazily raving about how many of his patients and customers came back for a second bottle. You know the initial hesitance towards new products that some may face? Well, I experienced that all the time so you can imagine how I embarked on this journey with DrX on a “sit-on-the-fence-one-eyebrow-raised” note haha. But just one week into it, I still remember how I texted Chester and was raving to him about how radiant my face gets after using Max-C! He was all “I told you so” haha.  
More on the product, Max-C is a potent anti-oxidant that counteracts free radicals, encourages collagen and elastin production to control the adverse effects of photo-damage, include wrinkling, sagging and other symptoms of premature in skin aging. I give this product 5/5!

The hydrator is a unique moisturizer which has a light formula that moisturizes, conditions and nourishes the skin to keep it supple, firm and smooth, while protecting collagen from being broken down. What surprises me is that at just a single pump, it is enough to keep my entire face moisturized and I especially like the bouncy and supple touch to my skin once the Hydrator settles in. Another great product and if you look closer at the photo below, both my Max-C and Hydrator have been 3/4 used after 6 weeks because I have been religiously dedicating my skincare regime to using an entire range on DrX products. In doing so, I maximise the efficacy of the products as using just one brand of products which compliment each other means giving your products the extra mileage. 

On the Vit-A Gel, this is a new product that Dr David recommended for my usage on the second consultation. This is how it works in DrX. On the first consultation, your doctor will recommend the range of products suitable for your face. Upon 4-5 weeks into using the recommended range, you will be due for review with your doctor on the progression of your skin’s condition. On my second review with Dr David, he recommended Vit-A Gel and a facial as most of my comedones have cleared up by then, giving the facial processes the extra mileage to work the products in. On a side note, the CF (Comedone Formula) is so effective that my face required almost NO extraction (just a couple nips). 
On the Vit-A Gel, I shan’t comment too much on it as I am only into my first week into using this new product. For those who are interested, the Vit-A Gel stimulates and increases cell-turnover and also reduces appearance of fine lines and uneven skin texture. 

A product that requires no further introduction – the sunscreen. It comes in both tinted and non-tinted :) 
I have since switched to using DrX sunscreen. As mentioned, I used all products from DrX for my skincare regime so as to maximise the products’ efficacy on each other.


The Anti-Blemish Mask which is John’s favourite haha. It is an intensive corrective mask for oily, congested and blemish-prone skin. It removes excess oil, exfoliates, cleanses pores, clears comedones and helps to control further break-outs and blemishes. The formulation also contains ingredients that soothes and calms the skin and may be used as spot treatment for break-outs. So far, I have been using this mask once weekly to exfoliate and cleanse my pores. The best part for me is my skin do not get oily so easily for the day after using this mask. 

The range products that I highly recommend (except for Vit-A Gel as I have just gotten started on it). Check with your DrX doctor first if you wish to use my recommended products to determine if it will suit your skin condition! :) 

I realized I no longer need foundation with good coverage nowadays. Instead, I go for lighter coverage and almost barely there foundation. The photo below is taken about 4 weeks’ use of DrX products. With only Shiseido Sheer and Perfect foundation which has pretty light coverage. No concealer. And of course, eyebrows drawn, eyeliner and lipstick :) On a side note, I really love this foundation and I hope to be able to dedicate a small post on it if time permits! 

One without makeup. Just sunscreen. This is about 6-7 weeks on DrX products. 

Look at how radiant and especially clear my skin is! Even without makeup, I am so confident in my own nekkit skin. It is definitely not as clear as it is now in the past! My biggest biggest concern of all and something which plagued my confidence was my enlarged pores and blackheads which were pretty visible all over my nose and cheeks. Even with facial, these problems come back to haunt after 2-3 days. But my pores have been drastically reduced and there are no more unsightly blackheads now. I guess this is why I feel much more confident and am able to leave house without makeup now. Yeah! Cheerios to good skin! 

A recent shot (8 weeks into DrX) with just DrX sunscreen and Guerlain loose powder, eyebrows drawn and eyeliner. No foundation nor concealer. 


Because DrX knows I am a firm believer in their medical knowledge and brand given the drastic improvements to my skin, they are providing three times free consultation to my readers so you can all experience for yourself what I have gone through these past 8 weeks without having to fork out these extra monies for consultation! :) Remember to look for Dr David! 
Simply mention my name “Tricia” or “VainGloriousYou” each time you head down for consultation or a review! Every reader is entitled to THREE free consultations! Thank you, DrX, for being so kind to my readers! :) 
For those who worry about the cost of these skincare products, fret not because they are extremely affordable, I promise! ;) 
Lastly, I hope you liked this recommendation and good luck! 
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