Wednesday, July 31, 2013 :: Fossil @ Suntec

Visited the new FOSSIL store at Suntec Mall 2 weeks back thanks to Juliana and boy, Suntec is looking REALLY good with the new facelift! In addition, Fossil is extremely trendy with the new collections introduced this year. All along, I have associated Fossil with ruggedness, activities like mountain climbing and loads of earthy colors. I always think of Fossil products as being more function than fashion. However, the times have changed and I am so glad I made the trip down to the new Fossil store! 
Fossil have soared to higher heights now by bringing fashion back into functionality with an expanding portfolio of products to name a few, handbags (some of which I really liked), clutches and watches with vibrant colors. Bagged home a new clutch from Fossil as well!
I will let the pictures do the talking! 

The Syndey Shopper is such a breezy bag to carry! I love it in the emerald hue! 

Gasp! The Memoir Collection is one of my favourites in all the new arrivals!


Love this Memoir Biography Satchel in my most complementing color – orange 

The buttery smooth leather of this entire collection that makes it very comfy to carry in your hand especially its’ wallets. 

The cute Syndey Satchel 

The small structured size of this bag suits petite girls like myself very well! Could very well be getting this as a weekender bag when I visit the Fossil store with John this weekend! 

I couldn’t wait to show you the watches collection so here it is, plonked in the middle of my post haha. 
Fossil went UPSCALE with the new Swiss-Made watches and its a first for their brand! 
I REALLY LOVE the new watches! For someone who loves wearing boy watches with big faces, these watches really had me falling in love with them. What’s not to love with the affordable prices attached to these watches? 
Can you guess which is my favourite?? 

Yes! These 3 gorgeous watches! 
It is pretty similar to John’s watch so I didn’t get it in the end. 
But calling out to those who love boy watches like I do, check them out when you are at the store alright? 
I am sure you will love them! 

Gahhh so classy! I love a man with a good looking watch like these ;) 

The interchangeable straps which can change the look of your watch entirely. 
I love the 2nd strap from the left in nautical navy blue, red and white!


The so-friendly Sijie I call the handsome and friendly salesperson :p   
(But ladies, he is already married hahaha)  

Here is Sijie’s watch looking all navy and vintage with the interchangeable strap! 
It looks really vintage and classy isn’t it? 
I just had to ask him to roll up his sleeves to let me take a photo! 

One thing that I discovered on this day was Fossil has charms and bracelets as well! They come with very friendly prices! :) 

The crossbody bag with a long feminine flap known as Memoir Novella Small Flap. Told you the Memoir collection has many pretty products! 

Met Rachel at the Fossil store as well and she bagged home a functional and rugged watch (with an extremely big face) and the Ziptop Satchel Bag! 



Fell in love with this Memoir Diary Clutch but I bagged home the one in black instead! 
(Thank you, Juliana!)  
By the way, this is not leopard preennnn alright? Haha this is crafted in hair calf cheetah print. Love that it is so fierce yet feminine! Cannot wait to bring it out and take OOTDs with it! 

Rachel got this slouchy ziptop bag in purple hue at the store as well! :) 


Haha I am quite the orange coloured lover so most of the bags I took photos of are in orange :p 


The Medium Zip Pouch from the Syndey Collection. Love the colour blocking brights and its supple leather. 

Also met the ever friendly and crazy Peggy at the store! ;) 

Gahhhh look at Rachel’s shopping bags! 
Big thank you to the kind people at Fossil for having me at the store’s opening! :) 

Suntec City Mall (Nearer to Convention) 
Tel: 68357846

With Love,


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