Monday, July 29, 2013 :: I Am Still Alive!

This place had been collecting dust ever since I embarked on a new journey in life and have been too busy ever since. My hectic life is coming to a slow now as I wait patiently to see the outcome of my hard work within the next 2 to 4 weeks time.
Gave myself an off day today on Monday to sort out a to-do list for my blog, spend some time with the loved ones and to attend Salon Vim’s bbq party in the evening! It is going to be crazy in the next few days when I catch up on blog entries, iron out VGY work and go furniture hunting for a new Vainpot Boutique! On a side note, finally had some time to catch up on Running Man (I am only at episode 78!) last night and decided to jump to the latest episode 155 instead but it was such a bad decision. Gahhhh it was a horror episode and I had to wake John up to accompany me to the bathroom. I get spooked out easily at the slightest thing.
This is long overdue (when was the trip? In May I think?) but never too late right haha.
Snippets of the first day in Taiwan. 
Stayed at Airline Inn which is such a convenient location! 
The bonus is the famous Ah Zhong Mian Xian (pardon my hanyupinyin if its wrong) was situated just BELOW our seemingly dodgy looking hotel from the outside haha. 



How many times did we eat this over the five days in Taiwan? 
5? 6? 7? or 8 times? Anyway it was alot of bowls we consumed haha. 

Airline Inn is a newly built hotel so it is extremely clean and surprisingly roomy! 


Headed out alone while John was resting in the hotel and I was spotted by the owner of Liz Lisa!! He is a Japanese and an extremely nice guy. It was such an honour (and a pity) because he asked if I am a Taiwanese and whether I can be one of his Liz Lisa models for their shoots but I turned him down flatly simply because…I was spooked and found it too good to be true. It was only after when I told John about it and he said “it was such a good opportunity why did you turn him down” that reality began to hit me. On a side note, his Liz Lisa models looked pretty tall in their shoots/photos right? But they were in his entourage that day when he stopped me and damnnnnnnn we are of the same height!!!  


It was so convenient with eyelash extension because…I don’t have to put makeup like eyeliner and lipstick to look good! 
This was the same makeup from the plane – just light loose foundation, eyebrows drawn, concealer under eye and blusher! 
I will be introducing a new Japan beauty salon in Singapore many thanks to Evonne for the recommendation!) who I will be working with in my next new posts so stay tuned! Excited to get my eyelash done with them because Evonne has been raving about the eyelash extension techniques used in Japan which make the eyes look fluttery with natural looking lashes!


Our first meal in Taiwan was pretty horrid. 



Weight after massive junk food from road side stalls. 
This was 2 months ago! I am heavier now okay :p 

The SK-II products which I brought along with me on the trip! 

Just a short post to keep this blog alive! 
Will be back with more posts this week! ;) 
Have a smashing good week y’all!

With Love,


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