Thursday, June 13, 2013 :: My Journey With SK-II

For weeks before June, I was extremely excited to reveal I will be working with SK-II and Clozette for a 14 days journey in the month of June where I will be embarking on a new skincare regime and documenting it on my Instagram.

Extremely happy I was given this opportunity to work with SK-II as I have been a loyal SK-II user for 2 years now. Was previously only on the Facial Treatment Essence as I did not dare to venture out to the other range of SK-II’s products. Why did I wait so long!? 

As you can see from the photo below, the big bottle of Facial Treatment Essence lying down is already half used – this bottle is my own which I had been using religiously for an alternative period of 3 months each time.  
From left to right: Cellumination Deep Surge EX, Cellumination Essence EX, Facial Treatment Repair C, Facial Treatment Essence. 
Lying down: Facial Treatment Essence

The products above were recommended to me after I got an analysis of my skin’s condition using the Magic Ring over the SK-II counter. This fair-as-snow consultant you see below is not even 21 years of age and she had been on SK-II for a year! Whoever said you can’t use SK-II in your twenties – she will prove you wrong haha! Freda who was with me at the counter couldn’t stop gushing at her smooth and fair complexion. It was insane. She is as fair as snow white with impossible porcelain flawless complexion.

One of my favourite products from the SK-II range has got to be Facial Treatment Essence containing Pitera. It is my must-have for radiant, healthy looking skin. Pitera consists of vitamins, minerals, amino acids that match the nutrients in skin and stimulates skin’s natural renewal cycle. This is my third bottle in fact. I have been using this since I was 21 –22 years old. Knowing my skin’s condition, I rotate skincare regime every 3 months to “refresh” my skin and reduce the dependency my skin will develop to the product upon a long period of usage. Learnt that from the mother-in-law who invests generously on skincare products haha.

The recommended way of applying it is soaking a cotton pad with FTE then patting it all over your face until the essence on the cotton pad is fully absorbed. But I’d prefer to pat the essence into my face using my bare hands! :)

I was also recommended Facial Treatment Repair C for improving my skin’s texture as the Magic Ring gave an analysis of only 48% in the area for texture refinement :( Need so much work in that area haha. I have to say after using this product for about 2 weeks, I see finer texture on my skin and less visible pores which was a bonus for me. I used to have “strawberry” nose due to unsightly pores. Gahh, so embarrassed to mention it here :/

The most visible result seen from this product has got to be the skin under my eyes. I used to have lines at my dark circles which caused the unsightly creases after concealer is being applied. However, the texture of my skin became more refined and the lines disappeared upon approximate 2 weeks of use. All close up photos are sans makeup so you can see the pores are less visible as well.


Another one of my favourite product is the Cellumination Essence EX. This special care skincare product work wonders for me by “illuminating” my skin from within. It is fuss-free in my opinion as it is easily absorbed into the skin and does not leave any sticky residue. And I only need to use 2 drops for my entire face so this is a worthy investment!

The best person to provide feedback on how the products work on me has got to be my dearest John whom I see every single day haha. He used to say I look tired and have dull skin without makeup on but he actually said my skin is more radiant and I look good at home haha. 
In his words “how come your face look so bright now? What are you using can let me use?” Imagine my surprise when he said that. So I told him I was really happy he noticed the difference and that I am on SK-II haha. You know the thing about men who never notice when their women changed a new foundation or use a new lipstick? That is why.

Started off with this face..


And ended up with a much clearer and brighter skin :*) 
I really didn’t use to look so radiant and "awake” without makeup. Had pigmentation on my cheeks, large pores, dry skin to name a few recurring problems. 

This photo was taken after applying my liquid foundation. See, it really doesn’t make a difference with foundation on!

Through this project, I have also documented a pictorial diary of my 14-days skincare regime and life happenings through my Instagram (@vaingloriousyou) and on Clozette's website seen below.  So happy I have my own page here and it looks sooo inviting ;) 

Tricia's 14day pictorial screengrab

So head to Clozette and my Instagram to experience my 14 days journey with SK-II! I have emerged a more beautiful and confident woman who glows from within :*)

Here comes the part everyone loves :) 
To share the good things with all my lovely readers, SK-II will be giving away the Pitera Essence Set below! 

This Pitera Essence Set will kickstart your journey towards crystal clear skin by improving texture refinement, wrinkle resilience, radiant enhancement and spots control. Here’s how you can win it! 

Name ONE of my favourite products from SK-II. 

(Hint: The answer can be found in my 14 days pictorial timeline on Clozette!) 

Simply email in your correct answer, full name, mobile number, email address and your home mailing address to me at
Contest will end on 1 July and a winner will be randomly selected from the correct entries. 
Results will be announced on my blog on 2 July so be sure to check back!

Good luck! :)

With Love,


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