Wednesday, July 10, 2013 :: Japan Travelogue Day 6 – DisneySea

Have been most excited about sharing Day 6 because John brought me to DisneySea! He chose DisneySea over Disneyland as it is the only one in the world! 
Woke up feeling extremely excited and happy and as usual, John made sure my makeup and hair is perfect before we left the hotel! You know those days in your life when you are genuinely happy with no worries and you remember every detail of the day and every emotion you felt? This was one of my days. 






Tada! Tricia was here! 

The moment we walked in, I saw Daisy and I dashed over to snap a photo with her haha. What happened to staying composed! 

Everything looked so magical in DisneySea! 

Bought………..a huge Minnie Hat….
Really, what happened to staying composed –.- 



Ran across the street because I saw… 

Duffy! Every single girl walking on the streets of DisneySea was carrying a Duffy and I felt I had to get one too haha! Talking about public pressure –.-  

Bought my Duffy bears! Will show it towards the end of the post! 

John queued for food at every possible opportunity –.- 




Love this sea salt vanilla ice cream so much! Wanted to have more but I was only restricted to just one by The Tham Guardian –.- 


The queue was horribly long at most places so we decided to forgo the rides and explore the entire place instead! 
Saw Mr Potato Head and I got all excited! Began blabbering to John “You know when I was young, Dad bought this for me with a Happy Meal and I like it so much it was in my pocket all the time y’know!!” Never mind he may not be listening hahaha. I was too excited to pick a fight :p


Found a mouse scuttling on the streets and I grabbed her for a photo hehe.
Look at my smile! I think I have never smiled so happily for a long time! 

Hahaha didn’t take me many empty promises to make him wear this :p 
He always fall for it! 


It was packed as hell at every available show in DisneySea! 



This is such a collectible in DisneySea! It is a container where you can store your popcorn hee. There are so many different flavours of popcorn sold in DisneySea! Where else can you get that?? 

John queuing for food again! 


The mascots were loitering all around the streets and I got all excited when I spotted this awfully cute squishy bunny! Is it from the Chipmunks?? It is so adorable! Was looking for a window opportunity when I can jump in to take a photo with bunny but..lost to the kids haha. Kids have such…such..short and fast legs -.- 

It is such a beautiful sight! Really love this harbour! The sea, the manmade volcano, the ships, the rocks, the houses, everything looked so pretty! 


Spotted another mushroom head :p 



I would love to wear that kaftan top Goofy is wearing! It is so gypsy isn’t it!? 


The harbour and abandoned ship looked sooo real! Everything looks damn real in here! 

Literally crawled on fours to get to the front to watch the parade.
I was that close to raising up my hands and shout “me! me! me!” when they were picking audience from the floor to participate in games XD 

Spotted this cute lil chubby girl watching the parade too! 
Can you see her on the right? 

Got all excited again after watching the parade and I did a Charlie-Chaplin-in-the-air :D 

The carousel is a lovely childhood memory I hold dear to my heart :*)
Although Mom is a piano teacher, I used to have piano lessons at Marine Parade when I was really really young. And after every lesson, Dad would exchange a huge bag of coins for me at the arcade and I will spend 1-2 hours in there all by myself. I still remember spending most of my coins taking the carousel again and again. And I would spend the remaining on taking a ride around the huge arcade on the big animal machines walking around the arcade led by the workers.  Sometimes I spend my coins wisely enough to win some tickets from games and I exchange them for pencils, rubbers etc hahaha.

Until now, everytime I see a carousel, all these precious childhood memories comes back to me :*) 


And now, John has taken the place of my Dad to love and care for me :*) 
Haha I sometimes relate them so closely to each other I would accidentally call my dad “Dear” and John “Daddy”. And everytime I never fail to get scolded by both lol :p 

Entered the Mermaid Lagoon and it was made to look like the real “underwater world”! It is so amazing! 


The memories are so vivid now even as I type this post. The joy of being a child all over again in this magical place with my loved one is so profoundly incredible :*) Came to Japan with some issues weighing on my mind but this trip to DisneySea gave me so much relaxation that I came to realize no matter how things seemed like it’s a dead end, there will be a way out somehow. What eventually stressed me up till no end turned out to be actually a really small matter but just that I magnified the intensity of the situation because I was too tensed up. 



Thank you so much for bringing me here, my dearest! You opened my eyes to the world and I couldn’t be more thankful and blessed to travel around world with you! :*) 

My cute Duffy and Shellie Maybears in winter wear! Bought this to commemorate this trip to Japan during its winter season and it is now sitting in our shared closet :*) 

And I bought another Duffy soft toy! I do not like the big Duffy bear and I knew it would be forgotten in a corner one day. So I got a smaller one which is actually a hand puppet small enough to fit into my bag and to carry to sleep. It is so fluffy and soft to cuddle! ;) I cuddle it to sleep every night now! 


Back at the hotel! After a long day out, we really enjoyed coming back to our intimate and comfy hotel room at Sunroute. Every night we returned to the hotel with freezing toes and fingers. And we looked forward to the hour long hot bath tub soak (till our skin turned wrinkly haha) while enjoying Running Man on the ipad heh. 
So this very much concludes our trip to DisneySea! If you are heading to Japan, you may like to put DisneySea on your itinerary because it is such an incredible place to visit. 
Feel free to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions! ;) But please do not ask me for the exact itinerary! John planned it in his head and in a rough paper haha (yes he is sloppy like that) so I have no record of the name of places we visited! Sorry!
Check back soon! I have a great studio to introduce for blogshop shoots and shoots for any matter! ;)  
I am making myself a permanent sight there too cos it is so cosy to hang around haha.
Hang in there and have a productive mid week! Mine’s gonna be busy with shoots, meetings and appointments!  

With Love,


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