Monday, May 27, 2013 :: A Small Update For A Friend! :)

It has been 3 months now since Eleen from Dolish Nail Spa offered sponsorship for my nails. 
In the past, I turned down most nail sponsorships. Well, not because I do not love to pamper my nails but as you know my line of work includes dealing with stocks, packing and basically overseeing most aspects. A manicure usually do not last more than 3 days and even gelish starts peeling within a week. Felt that it would be a waste of time and resources to my kind sponsors if I go out with chapped nails within days of a manicure. 
However, I finally agreed to a sponsorship from Dolish Nail Spa. There was no particular reason why I suddenly agreed to collaborate with Dolish Nail Spa but I guess one of which was because Dolish Nail Spa had alot of good reviews online and I wanted to see if this salon understands my line of work enough to provide lasting designs for me. 
True enough, Eleen who takes care of my nails gave undivided attention to my concerns and surprise surprise, my nails actually lasted at the longest 3 weeks before it started peeling. It is a miracle considering how much packing of stocks I have to do every single day. Never in the past have my nails lasted me that long so just after the first trial session with Eleen, I decided to stick with her throughout :) 
This was the first nail design she did for me which remains as my favourite so far. Even though this nail art has a special inverted WHITE french tip (which would be the first to chip and get dirty), the vibrancy of the white was sooooo lasting! Till date, there had been countless requests for Eleen to replicate this pretty design of course in different base colors!
photo (2)

This was the second design which I had gotten many compliments from. Even after 3 weeks when it started chipping away, my friends like Serene said the nailart is gorgeous. Haha, you know the odd thing about appreciating it even more after people repeatedly tell you it is nice? Haha.

Eleen fast became a good friend when we chatted over manicures and I have complete respect for her dedication to the job. When a sponsor becomes a friend, that is when emotions get involved. I started worrying not being able to drive enough sales to her shop even though awareness has been raised through my social media platforms. This was attributed to Dolish Nail Spa’s location at Tampines – at the east end. I was afraid readers staying in the west and other far out locations would be discouraged by heading down all the way to the east just to get their nails done. So I actually told Eleen “With all due respect, please do feel free to drop me out of your sponsorship program if I am not helping your business. I understand you have a business to run.” But I was pleasantly surprised with Eleen’s reply. She mentioned there were a whole lot of readers who went to visit her when they came to know about Dolish Nail Spa from my blog and instagram, and that I have over-worried for nothing haha. To this, thank you so much to those who have paid Eleen a visit or trusted my entries enough to give her a try for the first time! :) 

This was the third design I recently did :) She tried doing this design and perfected it on her own nails the night before! Although Eleen have this practice of trying out customers’ requested designs the night before on her own fingers, it was this design which I got emotional and over-worried because seeing how hard Eleen is working, I felt obliged to be able to be of help to her company!

photo (3)

To those who have yet to give her a try, please do so! She is the most dedicated and responsible manicurist I have ever came across and she have no qualms on perfecting your nails to your satisfaction before you leave the salon. Dolish services are also extremely affordable – even their nailart and extensions. Feel free to ring them up to check the pricing or drop a message to Eleen to enquire :) 
Not paid to blog this because I genuinely wish to spread the good services at Dolish Nail Spa at the expense of forgoing my weekend sleep!
Dolish Nail Spa is currently having a Students Promotion.

Students get 20% off all services and products!
Additionally open to all, express manicure only costs $5 and express pedicure at only $8 :)  
You will also be happy to know that Dolish now have a loyalty program to thank all their customers! 
Every $20 spent entitles you to a stamp on one of the pretty floral petal! :) 
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Last of all, Eleen is currently looking for an full time/part time angel to help out in the shop! 
If you are a Singaporean or a PR and have experience in nailart, Eleen wants you! :) 
Kindly contact her at 91010987 for more details on the position. 
Dolish Nail Spa

825 Tampines St 81 
#01-66 S520825
Tel: 67853210
Eleen can be reached at 91010987
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm 
Instagram: dolishnailspa

Have a blessed and productive new week! :)

With Love,


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