Thursday, May 30, 2013 :: Pandora – Summer By The Sea

This entry came abit too late but finally have some time to blog after the new collection was launched yesterday! Was invited to join Gushcloud at a Pandora event with the other bloggers. That came at a last minute notice but lucky I didn’t miss this! 
Fell in love with Pandora after John gifted me with my first Pandora bracelet and charms :*) 
Till date, I still treasure my bracelet a lot and wear it everywhere. Every charm on the bracelet has a significant meaning to me regardless of its design and I will be getting a new one soon to mark a new phase in life!
Got to try making this at home! It taste really refreshing! 
With Reiee and pretty Shine in the background haha 
Wore the sample piece for Harper Lace and Crochet Dress and was genuinely surprised at the amount of emails I received for this dress after I posted this photo on Instagram. And this was only the sample which means I have yet to perfect the design! 
With Freda :) 
This was the first sample made entirely from my drawings in which I articulate how I want the design to be, the cut etc. The expectation of the fabrics and crochet design were met but the sweetheart bustier area was sadly, not realistic to wear. Well, it looked extremely pretty as a drawing but wearing this sample was uncomfortable because my black bra underneath was peeking from above the mesh and sometimes below the crocheted waist. Most of the pretty bloggers said it was a gorgeous dress but they all had a concern – that my bra wants to see the daylight as well haha. 
Gahh, look at my black bra peeking out from underneath the crochet waist. 
With my 2 favourite girls again :) 
Some of the charms I got attracted to but couldn’t buy it there. 
This is the charm inspired by Sakura from Japan. 
Asked for a charm representing Japan about a month back at MBS but the Pandora salesperson told me they don’t have anything representing Japan so I bought another charm instead. Imagine my surprise when I saw this at the event :( 
Amidst rows and rows of rings, I spotted this really pretty lone rose ring with a small gold ring attached to it. 

These rings can be “stacked” and worn together with many other compatible rings :) 

John, this rose is small enough to hide and not so humiliating to purchase? Hahaha :p 
Did I mention he said I have totally told embarrassed him in my previous post on our proposal lol. 

(It’s okay, I love you like that) 
I have a thing for emerald/minty green colors and I will definitely be getting this Murano glass charm when it is out in June/July! 
Learnt from the event Murano glass charms can be worn as a necklace pendant as well. 

I have pretty bad eye sight so I was squinting hard to look at the small charms in detail while the ship was in motion. Almost vomited. Almost vomited.. Was so engrossed admiring the charms I was one of the few to leave the table heh.  
Thank you Pandora and Gushcloud for the relaxing afternoon on the sea! 
Back to this Harper Lace and Crochet Dress! 
Tada! Perfected the bust cut by bringing up the sweetheart neckline half an inch higher. It is even more flattering with a well defined sweetheart M! 

Love it so much I have been wearing all colors out one by one to all my events haha. Wore the mint one in fact for the recent Skin Inc event! Will blog about that later! Our pretty Japanese model kept this lilac color for herself, my photographer took white and a fellow blogshop owner friend bought mint! And…all white pcs were already sold out before the collection was launched. Not to worry, a BO will be definitely be open once we consolidate the orders by this weekend :) 
If you are interested, you can view more photos here on VGY :) 
Also! We will be kickstarting GSS in Vainpot Boutique this Saturday on 1st June! It is going to be exciting because VGY and MMTP will be bringing clothes from the recent online collections which you can purchase at ONLINE PRICING!  
We are also implementing Privileged Shopping Hours from 11am to 1pm specially for our online mailing listees!  
Serene and I will be there from 11am – 1pm before we rush off to catch Dirty Dancing at MBS! We will be back in the shop again at 5pm but not to worry, our friendly angels will be ready to serve you from 11am to 8pm! ;) 
For non mailing listee members of VGY and MMTP, you can come down anytime from 1pm to 8pm! :)
And I will see you lovely ladies this Saturday! :D Have a great weekend, yall!

With Love,


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