Friday, March 23, 2012 :: SHISHA. GOOD OR BAD?

Was cleaning my room out 2-3 weeks ago when I discovered a Shisha, given to me by my uncle who visited Africa during a work trip. I actually asked for it as a gift (haha) as I was fascinated by it after a trip down Haji Lane with my dance friends for some Shisha session after midnight. This happened many years ago.

Till date, I have never assembled the Shisha as I’ve heard mixed feedback about it. Some friends advised me not to do it as it was harmful, while some urged me to assemble it quickly so they could come by my house for a harmless way to get high. So it has always stayed in that corner of my room until the massive cleaning weeks ago. Then curiosity got the better of me and I decided to do some research on it.

Found an interesting video that got me laughing throughout the 9-minute long recording. Usually such educational videos turn me off in 10 seconds, but this video had me doing a double take several times. So this Shisha guru actually teaches us how to assemble a SHISHA (the machine that you see outside is called a HOOKAH) together by explaining its parts one by one. Took a peek at my HOOKAH and it was exactly as he’d mentioned.

There is a twist in the video.

As he puts each piece into place, he talks not only about the benefits of the different components but also its role in helping to damage your health. What's funnier is how he says it in a matter-of-fact way although genuinely trying to be as helpful as possible.

He got my attention within 10 seconds into the video with this opening statement
"It's all pretty straightforward but I'm gonna give you a few extra tips to make sure you do yourself the most damage in your next Shisha session".

Funny as hell this guru is, I actually understood how each hookah part plays a role in contributing to a self destruction of your health. 
I actually remember that ONE time when I went Shisha smoking with my friends, I was coughing crazily due to the heavy soot from the extra charcoal my friends added and it drove them crazy.
(You need to know when I cough, I never stop lol.)

The most funny part of the video was when he went "Don't feel bad if all your friends are cigarette smokers. You can still keep up with the rates of cancers, heart diseases and lung diseases"


Love people who are able to speak like this. They definitely make a video more interesting to watch!

A D-disgusting fact I found out about SHISHA smoking which was also mentioned in this video was the hygiene factor. Most cafes don't wash the pipes thoroughly and in time, rust accumulates and….you can see for yourself how this guru actually blows the rust out of the hose. This rust can actually get into your lungs…oh my god.

You can see from this photo that my SHISHA equipment actually rusted even though I didn't use it. What's more, the insides of the pipes don't get much ventilation so…….I don't even wanna imagine what's inside the pipes.

I usually see many people having Shisha sessions in Haji Lane, Arab Street and Bussorah Street when I get to my shop at midnight to do some accounts. How I wish many more can know about how harmful Shisha is! I used to think Shisha was harmless because all my dance friends said so! All these misconceptions for sooo many years!


Here’s the link to the video that I watched. 

It is very light-hearted and hilarious so you can click on it to watch if you wanna see for yourself how humorous this guy can get haha.
I swear he is a joker.

Hopefully you can help spread the word and tell your friends NOOOOOO  when you are asked for a Shisha session!

Be a non-smoker, non-drinker, everything non non non like me and I promise you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle, glowing skin and a prettier you! ;)

With Love,


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