Wednesday, December 21, 2011 :: Maybelline Contest Winners!

To all the lovely and patient readers out there, thank you so much for joining this contest and graciously giving me more time to announce the results as………………………………………………

The response had been so overwhelming that Maybelline have decided to give me 40 bags of makeup goodies in total so I now have $2000++ worth of products in my hands! 

Managed to do abit of nego with them as it is the season of goodwill and I really wished more girls can be given a chance to win the contest! I can't bear to turn so many of you away..AND..they got back to me at the last minute with a huge surprise! 40 bags! Wow! 

So this is the reason for the delay of announcement of results! I guess I am forgiven now? :) 

I have posted some of the more memorable entries which I had a good laugh over/cringed/felt very touched. And I have given you a light-hearted reply so take my words jokingly! ;) 

Here's the first selection: 

"Tune of bad romance;
(intro) Rarara ah ah Romaro ma ma Gaga wolala

I want the pretty and the sparks for x'mas
I want your make up that will make me prettier
I want it ALL. I I I I want it all...

(chorus) I always use maybelline products and would love to try on their products
I always wanted the falsies mascara and try on the "hooked on pink"
(ooh~) maybelline for x'mas 
(ooh~) I'll share the joy if I win

(end) Rarara ah ah Romaro ma ma Gaga wolala

O_O Either you are really creative, or you are a gaga fan. Got to say that's a really nice try but I will be very mortified if I hear a remake of Bad Romance. As if we all haven't had enough of that song :p 

Selection 2: 

"(To the tune of jingle bell)

Maybelline~ Maybelline~
Please let me win you
Oh, what fun it's to have you
In my Jill Stuart make up pouch 
*repeat tune*
Oh Tricia~ pretty Tricia,
VGY all the way~
Oh, what fun it is to shop 
At this awesome online site~

I love Maybelline products as they're good yet affordable. It'll be really a bonus for me if I can win this!
Merry Christmas in advance and sincerely hope 2012 will be a good year for you and VGY:) 

(Hope it didn't sound too stupid and that you didn't have a hard time fitting the lyrics:P)"

Got to give it to you cos that's a lovely song! But are…you and the above selection...friends to begin with? Thank god you didn't do another lady gaga! :p 

Selection 3:

Hi tricia
I've always loved maybelline products, i love the way my skin feels when i use them. Ok, actually i dont, see, i'm a guy. I'm doing this for my amazing girlfriend. She loves to doll up and looks great when she does so, plus she did mention that she got great tips from this site, so me getting a gift for her from a site she frequents, well i think that says it all. Plus, just ORD=No money, im sure you know what i mean. So yeah, even though i'm guessing i'm gonna be used as a model for new make up patterns by her,i think its worth the sacrifice. 
So here's to hoping you feel me,
Naren (
P.S. It'll also be part of the gifts i'm giving her for our one year anniv :)

PPS to you: John should read this and make some sacrifices for me too. Have failed so far in getting him to let me try on his single eyelids. Happy anniversary to you and your girlfriend & have a romantic one! 

Selection 4:

Hi there Tricia!

This is Li Sian, and I guess I'm the only guy who commented in this post and space of yours? I'm not writing in to have a chance at the awesome goodie bag for myself. Rather, for my lovely and silly girlfriend of mine :) 

I vividly remember her dragging me to the Watsons and Guardian outlets and while trying out the products and I exactly remember her raving about the BB Mousse and the Mascara. Honestly, I didnt have serious thoughts about it since she will always drag me to Sephora and other makeup counters to try out the products. So that was one of the many incidents. 

And so last night, she 'forced' me to view your make up tutorial together with her. She views blogs a lot and VainGloriousYou (VGY) is definitely one of her bookmarks! VGY is also a familiar name to me as she mentions the blog rather often :) I'm glad I viewed the tutorial with her as she seem extremely happy viewing while she was gushing over the effects of the products. Having zero knowledge of make-up, I must say, Tricia, thats a job WELL DONE! Keep it going!

As much as I know my girlfriend is very much shy and won't write in, I would like to write in on her behalf to take on the chance in winning one of the Maybelline Hampers =) She would be extremely happy to know if she is one of the 10 lucky recipients! Not sure if you will choose my entry but I do hope I'm able to surprise her if you ever send her the prized email :) 31 December 2011 will be our 5th Anniversary and I hope this will be one of the many surprises that I will have for her this year ;)

Please contact my girlfriend at

Li Sian.

You are a really talkative boyfriend :p I mentioned less than 100 words but really, you are amazingly wordy. Kudos to you for being so sweet to your girlfriend! Such a sincere entry and you really melted my heart :*) 
Have a lovely 5th (wow! Really!?) anniversary and many more annis to come my dear. 

- -

Here comes the winners I have selected! 

1.  Sasa


3. Rachel

4. Gwen

5. Celine

6. Sophia

7. Jaime

8. Qian Ting

9. Daphanie

10. Huiping


12. rae

13. Shilei

14. Ally


16. Idah

17. Andrea

18. Carissa

19. Vonne

20. Yunqian

21. Gina Chen





26. Yu Xian

27. Junpei

28. Brandon

29. Pearlene

30. Jeannie

31. Goh Yiling

32. A

33. Laureen


35. Phyllis

36. Brenda

37. Cara

38. Maddy

39. Lee Jia-Yun

40. Felicia

Please note that the contents in the goodie  bag differs from bag to bag. If you are lucky, you may get some realllyyyy good stuff in there ;) 

As I only have 10 goodie bags on hand now, only the first 10 winners announced can head down to Vainpot Boutique from Thursday, 22 Dec onwards to collect the bags. 

Mode of collection: Only at 42 Haji Lane Level 1, VAINPOT BOUTIQUE
Time & date of collection: Mon - Sun (2pm to 7pm) 

Mode of collection: Only at 42 Haji Lane Level 1, VAINPOT BOUTIQUE
Time & date of collection will be announced via twitter and my personal facebook once Maybelline couriers the additional bags to me next week! :) 
(You may not have the goodies in time for Xmas but there is still the NY & CNY!) 

To the remaining of you who I could not select, I am so sorry I can't be your santa this Xmas! :(
You girls are such good sport and I thank you so much for your participation! :*)

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to email me at! 
I will be replying to the remaining comments left in this post asap! Just need a bit more time! 

Have a great midweek lovely ladies and Merry Christmas to all of you! <3

With Love,


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