Friday, December 30, 2011 :: Looking back on 2011 & Last Man Standing!

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Looking back on 2011, it has been a really challenging year for me. 
The journey I took to be where I am today is every bit of a learning experience for me - some harsh, some of it even harsher which had made me a better person and definitely a stronger individual emotionally. 

One of the harshest lesson I was put through is having a $100k debt on my shoulders after a failed business deal. I was only 22 then. I had the world on my shoulders and the tears never seemed to stop. 
After countless of sleepless nights, I pulled myself together, returned every single cent to all my customers because I value integrity and I know it better than anyone else that money is hard-earned. I learnt to place myself in the shoes of my customers to feel the pain of losing the money if I have gone the unethical way. I also learnt to place myself in the shoes of an ethical person working in the business world. I know by then, I had attained a higher level of EQ and I was made to grow up in the hardest way. From 2012 onwards, it will be an uphill battle for me to settle my debt and the same time, saving up for my future :) 

2011 saw me struggling through my studies as I try to manage both studies and work at the same time. It was tough but definitely rewarding. Passed my subjects and I am now in the final semester of uni. With this degree, there is a high chance I will be trying out trading in the near future. Definitely thankful that I managed to support myself through university while working hard for VGY. 
Hard work and perseverance really do pay off :) 

This year is also my first with J but it seemed like we have been together forever :*) 
Right now, I finally understood what it meant by meeting and falling in love with the right person at the right time of your life. Simply put, if I were to meet J when I was 18. This relationship probably wouldn't work out. 
 I am thankful our paths in life crossed although our circle of friends and our way of living definitely did not reveal any signs that we will meet each other in this lifetime. 
We live in completely different worlds, I would say. 
We have our future planned and if everything goes well, our house will be ready in the next 3 years. 
In this relationship, we learnt to tolerate and embrace each other despite our differences. 
In that way, we loved everything about one another and every single person that is close to us. 
I believe that is the very first step to the basics of learning to live with one another in a happy family. 
When the honeymoon is over, you will learn to understand, rely, respect, compromise and continue learning about one another for the rest of your lives. 

I am also proud that I had Tintin for a year now :)
She is a healthy little dog going on 2 next year.
She was a really sick little puppy when I first bought her. Nursed her back to health after countless visits to the vet. 
And to some qns lingering out there, I am finally stepping out to quell the rumours - I bought Tintin and paid for her in full; $1800 and an additional $400+ from all the trips to the vet. I have always been financially independent and it remains the same even dating back to 2004. 
A message to all out there, if you don't have the confidence of looking after a dog and love them for the rest of their lives, don't even buy or adopt one. 

To the world, a dog may just be pet. 
But to your dog, you mean the world to him. 

The business at VGY is improving every year and I am very thankful VGY has a successful brand image now that we are into our 3rd year (with many more years to come!). To this, I attribute the success to everyone who had played a part in helping me out from deliveries, to photoshoots, to launches and many more. I am especially thankful to my 3 lovely angels, Gwen, Yvonne & Felicia who are my right-handers and doubling up as my P.A. at times haha. Also to my awesome Dad and his people in the office who help me out with the crazy deliveries <3 
Most importantly, I have to thank J for his help in photoshoots and all the mental stress he throws to me constantly to keep creativity at VGY going lol. He is....psychotic. 
Last of all, to all my lovely customers out there who have been so patient, so understanding and so encouraging to me - I read every single one of your emails late into the night and I thank you sincerely for your support and I am really appreciative of every single one of you :*) 
I will continue to work hard and bring the brand of V.G.Y. to higher heights! :)  

In the last day of year 2011, I am looking forward to the brunch we will be having with all Vainpot angels! Made a reservation at my favourite place so I hope it will be a pleasant surprise for them!  
It will be a well deserving company brunch for all and we have prepared presents for all our lovely girls!

I hope you will do your own reflections this year so we can all look back to some lessons learnt and grow to be a better person in the new year! 
Always remember it is never luck. Hard work and perseverance will always pay off. 
Dreams are driving forces of reality. If you have a dream, protect it and make it come true ;) 

- - -

Attended the Last Man Standing event on Christmas Eve and made new friends! :) 
Ending the night sober is so rewarding! 

Really surprised to see such a long queue at Butter last week! 

The notorious Last Man Standing breathalyser machine which determines your sobriety! 

Went for a shot at the breathalyser machine after some drinks to check how sober I was and whether I can qualify for some prizes! 
It is a good thing I can't really hold my liquor and I totally hate the alcoholic taste. 
I always believe in drinking in moderation and not overdoing it such that you puke all over the place, can't walk in a straight line in your heels and risk compromising your safety - all in full public's view.  

A Breathe hunk briefing me on the use of the breathalyser. 

Was asking if there is any way to go around cheating my alcoholic limit from the breathalyser and I learnt that this machine is really accurate as the mechanics used to manufacture this machine is strictly in tandem with the Traffic Police's breathalyser. way to cheat peeps! 

Dear John who was my photographer for the night said I blew too hard, too quick and fast at the breathalyser so no photos for that part. Haha, no pun intended! 
So this was my card - LAST MAN STANDING! 

Goes like this~
LAST MAN STANDING – 0% – 0.019%
(0mg - 19mgo)
TICKLED PICKLED – 0.02% – 0.039%
(20mg - 39mgo)
DITZY BABBLER – 0.04% – 0.059%
(40mg - 59mgo)
GIDDY GUZZLER – 0.06% – 0.079%
(60mg - 79mgo)
DRUNKENSTEINED – 0.08% and above 

(80mg and above - Binge Drinking Level)

Being the LAST MAN STANDING, I entered a sure-win lucky dip & a chance in the grand lucky draw for a trip of 4 to Bali! Really hoping that I can win the draw! :*) 

Won a cash voucher in the lucky dip for a night of bowling fun with friends! 
And if you are in my facebook, you will know that in the month of Nov, I have been heading out for night bowling with J and his friends.They actually posted the results on my FB because I am always the last.  
So my skills have actually gone from 0/10 drain sweeper to 7/10 pins knocker from all that peer pressuring haha

Met Rach and her friends too and we headed off for some interviews.

Had a few drinks but we ended the night sober and LAST MAN STANDING! :)

Even if you do not get to be the LAST MAN STANDING at the breathalyser, you can still be a winner by heading down to the website below and complete a survey! :) 

For doing that, you get free H&M vouchers for staying sober through the night! At least, not a drunkenstein! 

The next Last Man Standing event will be at Clarke Quay on 30 & 31 Dec!
So remember to stay sober if you are partying there! Think of how lovely it is to end this year sober while having fun with your loved ones ;)
You start a new year fresh with a rosy complexion from a good night's sleep and staying healthy! 

Good luck, take care and have fun this New Year's Eve! :) 

With Love,


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