Tuesday, February 7, 2012 :: The lil one's birthday + giveaway on VGY C90!

It was the lil' one's 2nd birthday on 3 Feb. For being such a dear friend, a darling who stays awake through the night to accompany me as I burn the midnight oil and my dearest baby for the past 1 year, her birthday was a BIG thing to me. Brought her out for a day of fun and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed her day! :) 

I remembered when I first picked her out in a farm, she was such a sick little puppy with kennel cough and a terrible flu. But I never looked back then. Nursed her back to health after countless visits to the vet and loads of love&care.

All my troubles go away when I see her smile :*) 

"Angels come in a form of 4 legs, wet noses & waggy tails."

- - - 

Held a shoot outdoors 2-3 weeks ago for Vday collection. John actually suggested using a male model for this shoot but it was too last minute to make preparations! :( 
Regretted not having enough time for the shoot or we will all be able to enjoy some eye candy :p
The candidate I have in mind..............is really delicious hahaha. 

(Sorry John :p)

This is one of the outfits which I planned for one of the days this year. I am really in love with red - red roses, red lipsticks, red shoes, just anything red! 

I have been wanting to launch this blazer forever! Great cutting, extremely wearable and...it's red haha. Worn mine to death and it really needs to go into the washing machine soon.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I really love this date because there will be so much love and care in the air, roses & bouquets everywhere and it's a day where couples go on a romantic date to celebrate this special occasion. 


I want to spread some love around too!
So I will be letting you on in my little secret which I have kept for about a year! 
This is a mask that I swear by and use when I need a quick fix to brighten up my face before applying my makeup. I use it pretty often and alternate between this mask and Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask weekly. Have never share it with anyone so I am not sure if it will work for everyone but it is a miracle for me! 
It was recently voted in Her World Beauty Awards so I guess more and more ladies have discovered this gem! 

For this collection, I will be giving away 3 boxes of my miraculous Gem Peptide Brightening Mask to 3 lucky customers! 
1 box contains 5pcs so you can use it for a month! :) 
And most importantly, you can use it before your Vday date to have a flawless and brightened complexion without using all the expensive makeup brightening products ;) 

Will be releasing instructions on how to win 1 of these boxes in VGY facebook real soon so keep a lookout for it! 

Spread the love to everyone around you and good luck! <3

With Love,


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