Friday, December 3, 2010 :: rings on a platter


Some of the rings I often wear. I have much more but they can’t fit together in this neat cream plate. Maybe I should start selling off some of my rings.


My favourite watch next to J’s red swatch. I love the studded runched dress worn below which will be launched in VGY soon. Sold a different color in KissJane and all 7 pieces flew off the racks within a couple of days. I would’s a sexy yet classy year end party piece :)


Since we are on the topic of watch/time, I can’t help but shudder at the thought 2011 is coming.

Miraculously passed all my modules when I studied only 1-2 nights before. Must be a genius –.- Didn’t expect this outcome, not in the least. Turns out I am in a worse dilemma than ever.

Amidst fears and tears, I am now torn between debt repayment and school. Which should I pick? Picking both will definitely tire me out and I will be so exhausted trying to maintain an estimated 10K income a month.

Can someone just give me a hug and let me cry?

With Love,


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