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Many times, what makes one holiday trip more memorable than another are the special moments that occur out of the ordinary. You could have visited this place for the 10th time but if something unique and unexpected happens then, that’s where great travel stories stem from!

In fact, it doesn't matter where your travels have taken you because I am pretty  sure each one of us has our fair share of travel stories to tell. It could be as wild as taking a spontaneous bungee jump trip in Australia to having exotic street food in Istanbul or even watching a ladyboy show in Thailand (wooo I like that and cannot forget that experience!). Perhaps it's just the simple joy of stumbling upon the perfect hipster joint in Seoul!

I’ve been blessed to have had my fair share of travel experiences and of course, I’ve had some pretty memorable moments on these trips! Traveling to see the world, different cultures and cities has really taught me a lot and brought me many memories that will forever be embedded in my mind.

Like this one above; the pure joy on our faces having reached and found the highly raved Jonah’s Milkshake in Boracay, after having walked from one end of the beach to the extreme end on the burning sand under the scorching sun! If it were available in Singapore, we would have just….rode a buggy to another end of the beach haha. The strenuous walk made the first sip of the Jonah’s Milkshake extremely satisfying. Imagine finally finding the joint with toasted faces, sweat and sand stuck to the body then being able to sip the most delicious and creamy milkshake we ever laid our hands on in that heat. Ahhhh pure bliss~ It’s these simple delights that made my trip a same same but different one!


Here’s another unforgettable experience. First time trying out the poisonous and deadly puffer fish in Japan which may cause death if its not prepared properly by a trained master. Gulp. The things we do for great-tasting and exotic food!

Lastly, here’s a shot from my VGY photoshoot on Nami Island. It was no ordinary photoshoot though! I know you can’t tell from the picture but the weather was at freezing 8 degrees! (Well, freezing for just chiffon.) I had to maintain a relaxed face when I was actually shivering inside! But alas, it was a great experience to remember and I would definitely do it again if I had to.

Simply put, I love seeing Instagram-worthy shots of unforgettable travel experiences posted by people from all over the world! And I will always take time to visualize and relish the experience written in the caption of every IG post.

How about you? Do you have any special moments that made your travels memorable and different? If you do, you could possible win yourself a $100 shopping voucher just by sharing it!

The Travel Made Different team from NTUC Income is running another contest and this time, it’s called – Same Same But Different (#SSBD). They’re on the look out for people to share their #SSBD travel stories that made their travels unique and memorable. To make things even more exciting, there are $4000 worth of shopping vouchers to be won! I will also be personally selecting a winner from all your entries soon so share them with me now!

All you need to do:
1.     Follow @TravelMadeDifferent on Instagram
2.     Instagram of photo/video of your ‘Same Same But Different’ travel experience 
(similar to what I’ve done above)
3.     Pair it with an awesome caption to explain why it was a #SSBD moment for you
4.     Hashtag: #TravelMadeDifferent #SSBD #<country>

Go on! Share your special moments and get rewarded for sharing!

*Contest ends 31st December
*Make sure your Instagram account is set to public viewing

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