Wednesday, August 21, 2013 :: Elle x Canon Beauty Journal Event

August gotten off to a really good start with numerous events where new bonds are forged and friends are made :*) Something that I have been extremely thankful of. Used to be an awkward wallflower at events because I am more afraid of you than you are of me haha. But no more of that! Finally opening up my heart welcoming more friends and people into my life and it has been such a joy.. :*) 
2 weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to attend the Elle x Canon event with Evonne and Eve (many thanks to Evonne!) and although I didn’t think that I have the talent in art (ahem), I thought it was fun to attend the event to make a scrapbook card for Yina whose birthday falls on the same day. And also, I was having something in mind for my dear readers as a giveaway this year end on my last blog post of the year so this was really a good opportunity for me to pick something up!
(Photo from Evonne)

(Photo from Evonne)

Behold~ I really think I’m gifted in art? Haha I’m totally kidding. 
My 2 companions could have said that to make me feel happy.


The scrapbook on the top was the big winner of the night! The lovely lady walked away with a huge Canon Pixma printer which I am contemplating to get!
(Photo from Evonne)

Here’s a shout out to my really sweet and friendly readers/followers! Thank you for coming up to take a photo with me! Hope to catch you lovely ladies at the next event! It is such a nice feeling to be able to see my readers face to face although I may be like an awkward wallflower haha. But I was extremely happy to see you pretties! :*)


Sharifah (on the right) and her sister!
Sharifah was my classmate in primary school and we reunited in the same degree in our uni days! :*)
(Still thankful you helped me pass my strategic management module!)






Thank you all for coming up to take photos with me for keepsake! :*) 
Last one with Evonne before she ran off to get her hair done (for Yina’s big night!) while I headed off to a meeting with my beloved partner!

Turned up at Switch with Serene and Evonne for Yina’s proposal after a lonnggggg day and we were all extremely tired by then. Look at em’ dark circles. Anyone having the same problem with dark circles after hours of wearing contacts?


If you have not read Yina’s blog on her proposal, you should because the proposal was PLANNED ON THAT VERY MORNING in a whatsapp chat group I was in –.-! Yina posted up excerpts from the chat group on her blog so feel free to check it out but please…do not think of me as a bimbo ok. Who plans a proposal and execute it IN A DAY!? Hahaha, the thought of it…….-.-

With Serene and Evonne :*) 
If you do not know by now, Serene is my other half of Vainpot Boutique. We have such good rapport teehee ;)

VAINPOT (the super cliche hair-raising name) came about from VAINgloriousyou and momoteaPOTs. I remember 3-4 years ago we were sitting around at Ikea brainstorming for a name for our new shop at 34 Haji Lane and I promise you, we came up with so many ridiculous names it gave us goosebumps.Especially that hair-raising moment when I said “how about Vainpot?”. Until now, we always make jokes about our boutique’s name and how its so “TRICIA ONG” to think of such a ridiculous name haha. But really, it is a really meaningful name isn’t it??

With the extremely happy girl who is still talking about her proposal 2 weeks later. Happy right? Happy then show it through your tears! ;)
(Photo from Yina)

I guess it is the time of our age when we witness so many friends around us being proposed to, even participating in a proposal, getting married and being involved in wedding preparations (ah yes, I have been a bridesmaid 4 times now haha). I still have to be a bridesmaid another 3-4 times? Gotta get really busy these few years lol :p

Stay in love everyone! <3

With Love,


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