Thursday, August 15, 2013 :: New Kid On The Block – Graceous Japanese Salon

Discovered a new kid on the block and a hidden gem through beauty guru Evonne and it is non other than an authentic Japanese salon opened by a handsome Japanese couple who hails from Hokkaido and Osaka! Phew, that was a mouthful but they definitely deserve this blogpost I am dedicating to them because of their friendliness, impeccable service and the commendable technique of creating beautiful eyelash extension which requires alot of time and effort and I would say, with a dash of love. 
I have received SO MANY COMPLIMENTS for my eyelashes and many like my friends, suppliers and even EVONNE herself thought it is my own natural eyelashes. I did not appreciate the beauty of my new eyelash extensions until it became a conversation starter at events when many praised I am born with pretty eyelashes. I have since been actively promoting the salon and their services because I am a true believer :) 
Before I begin introducing GRACEOUS, let me start by saying I have tried eyelash extension elsewhere in Singapore and Taiwan but there are always issues such as:
- My eyes feeling the sting from the glue
- The overpowering smell of the glue during the procedure which gets pretty unbearable I can start whizzing 
- The discomfort from the stiff eyelash extension when I sleep, wash my face, bathe etc 
- Feeling the horrible weight of the eyelashes due to the lousy quality 
But of course, I try to live with it and thought this is the trade-off for beauty until I visited Graceous. I was pleasantly surprised that eyelash extension can be so comfortable and enjoyable when done with the right technique and with quality lashes. Most importantly, I do not face any of the problems above.


Graceous is a true blue Japanese salon opened by a loving couple who hopes to bring the beauty of eyelash extension in Japan to Singapore. The cosy little salon is unpretentious, extremely cosy and nothing like what you will see in Singapore beauty salons. Graceous came about from the words “Grace” and “Gorgeous”. In this year of 2013, I have a newfound interest and understanding in the concept “Grace” and its underlying meaning - Something which I am keeping to write about in my last post of year 2013 :)



Chose the C-Curl in 13mm. I was actually concerned with choosing the length because it may be too long when I wear my glasses. But my worries are unfounded! The softness of the lashes are like real natural lashes and the technique Nao used to delicately attach the eyelash one by one does not cause discomfort when I wear my glasses.


The very pretty and gentle Nao :)


A comfortable couch for your waiting companion! ;)


The extremely cosy area with high ceiling – the place where I fell asleep  haha


My bare lashes before the extensions!


I really love the entire procedure because it was done with so much patience by painstakingly sticking ONE single eyelash at a time. This is the reason why my eyelash extension looks so natural and light-weighted. It has been on me for 3 weeks now and it is so comfortable and does not add on unnecessary weight on my eyes unlike my previous extensions. So thankful to Evonne for this recommendation :*) Will definitely be sticking with Graceous for a lonnnnngggg time!


On the left of this photo, it is my natural lashes. On the right, it is Graceous’s extension. Look at how spaced out the lashes are, unlike those you get in normal salons who stick on a huge slab of eyelashes (or a slab that comes in 3 lashes) onto your eye causing extreme discomfort and weight.


I asked for natural-looking eyelashes but fluttery like the wings of the butterfly. Haha yea I am descriptive like that ;)
And Nao gave me exactly what I wanted!



The handsome, friendly and extremely soft-spoken Japanese couple, Nao and Tomoki. Something to note, they are only able to speak in English so please be patient with them! :)

Graceous is located just on top of Chikuwa Tei Japanese Restaurant. 
They are closed on first and third Monday of the month and also every Tuesday. 


Thank you for the gorgeous eyelashes, Tomoki and Nao! :*) 
My friend Yina has just done hers at Graceous yesterday because we all can’t stop raving about this place! So stay tuned to her blog post or instagram for more photos! ;)


9 Mohamed Sultan Road #03-02 (Attic level)

Singapore 238959
Book your appointment with them at +65 6235 6935 or sms them at +65 8699 6045
(I would recommend you to do your booking via sms instead! :))
PS: Graceous is extremely generous to give 20% off for my readers/followers.
Quote my name “Tricia” to get the special discount! :) Only for first-timers!

With Love,


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