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I never thought I will write a post about something so personal to my body but I thought it is educational to share a topic which some may shun away from because of social stigma and embarrassment. I do not find it embarrassing to talk about it in public and I find it is good knowledge to share with people I love around me.  
I have been a loyal user of Lactacyd for a year now under a doctor’s recommendation when I was plagued with something known as candida yeast infection at a period of time. 
It was the combination of stress, hormonal changes and my constant dose of antibiotics which resulted in a change of fauna balance in my vaginal area causing the dreaded yeast infection. I have been falling sick pretty often but just that I do not tweet or announce it out to the whole world everytime I feel under the weather. You know the thing about feeling even worse psychologically when people start showering concern over you. Ah yes, this is proven which is why I prefer to keep it hush-hush until the need now to drive home an educational message. 
Coming back to the V-topic and further proof of why I took up this initiative to drive awareness, I went to dig up my PAP smear test which I have done 3 months back and you see my results below :( I was further diagnosed as having too much stress resulting in hormonal change which resulted in recurring yeast infection and of course, to stop taking antibiotics. 


However, do not take this matter lightly (if you are not under stress or under the course of antiobiotics) as yeast infection or any infections of that matter can easily happen to just about any women; like how many of my close friends are experiencing the same issue as well. It is not a matter of hygiene but more of maintaining healthy and acceptable pH levels in your V-zone. 
Although most women are aware of feminine hygiene care, the importance of proactive usage is often overlooked. Feminine washes not only AID IN THE PREVENTION OF INFECTIONS, but it is an integral part in one’s beauty regime. 

A little background on Lactacyd products which I have trusted and have been using ever since my doctor recommended me to use feminine washes with the purpose of bringing back the pH levels of my vaginal area after my first episode with yeast infection. 
Lactacyd is made from natural ingredients like Lactic acid and Lactoserum which is dermatologically safe and suitable for sensitive skin. It is highly prescribed by doctors worldwide and clinically proven to provide delicate care as well as protection from odour and irritation with everyday cleansing. 
Lactacyd has 4 variants of feminine washes from left to right, namely, Nourish, Revitalize, White Intimate and pH3.5. 


Lactacyd Revitalize which is proven to be effective in skin firming and moisturizing. I love products which contains Vitamin E and Revitalize contains Vit E on top of collagen! If you do not know by now, Vit E has antioxidant qualities and helps to destroy free radicals. Not to mention, it is good for sensitive skin as well. 

I loveeeeeee that Revitalize contains a long lasting deodorant moisturizer with moisture-retaining capacity and best of all, it is made with natural ingredients so it is absolutely gentle and loving to your V area! 



I guess the above photo is explanatory? ;)
Lactacyd believes that every inch of the female body deserves the best care in order to be fair and flawless, especially the intimate area. So this product is suited for women who want a product that can hydrate and also lighten the skin coloration of the V-area. Needless to say, all ingredients are 100% natural.


Lactacyd Nourish. 
More nourishing and moisturizing for the V-zone with 10% more milk extract.


This variant known as pH3.5 is my favourite next to Revitalize. This is also the one recommended by my doctor. It is pro-balance for elevated pH days such as during menstruation and hormonal changes. Really love this product and have been hoarding up those discount packages from departmental stores! In fact, the photo I posted up with a V-sign on my Instagram was purchased during a package discount at Watsons, heh! ;)  


I am not going to lie but I did not know these daily feminine wipes exist! With recurring yeast infection and on the doctor’s advice for the need to balance my pH levels at my V area on a regular basis, this daily feminine wipes is definitely going into my purse from now on! 
I strongly urge you to view Lactacyd’s website HERE where they have this sweet, engaging and entertaining little ebisodes (web videos) which debunk common myths and misconception about feminine hygiene. Didn’t think it would be so cute but it is and it got my attention! :)

Remember to visit them at this link HERE and you can ask questions to the friendly specialists (for questions you are always too embarrassed to bring up or just about anything under the sun!), watch more interesting ebisodes and be their VIP to receive free samples ;) 

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Good luck and I hope you liked this post! 
I spent a long time drafting this up and I hope it will help you in taking proactive care of your V-zone! :)

With Love,


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