Saturday, October 29, 2011 :: My memorable anniversary!

Managed to take some time out to blog feeling too sick to study for my upcoming exam on Tues. 
Been sleeping for more than 24 hours but as I drift in and out of sleep, I still feel so terrible and ill. 
Wonder if anyone felt like this before?
Is it due to exhaustion? 
Keeping my fingers crossed I can resume my revision later in the morning! 

- -

Had a weekend away at MBS for our anniversary!
J had this planned also to force me to take a break for the weekend haha

This is the view from our room. It was so pretty in the day and night that I felt like I was on the top of the world geez ;)

From the top, I realized the architecture for LV and Avalon is actually....the same
Thought LV designed its unique architecture you see! 

Had such a powerful camera but I didn't know how to adjust the settings zzz
It is such a pity! The photo is so over-exposed! 

Figured with the settings and it became so dark like it was raining outside ._.

And I went there with a bare face without knowing J was secretly videoing my expression for the surprise he had for me ._. 

Really love this Chilos floral bustier top ;) Glad that I kept 1 piece for myself! 

Went up to the skypark to sunbathe!
It was so unlucky that I was having the time of the month & had to use tampons urgh :(

Dressed up for dinner after watching complimentary movies :)

Wanna ask if anyone found my blending brush in the photoshoot studio used by VGY?
Lost my beloved blending brush from Sephora and I wasn't able to blend out the harsh edges of my eyeshadow :(
Have tons of other brushes but I find none comparable to the Sephora blending brush. In fact, I only used that 1 brush on my eyes ever since I discovered it!

Bought this pretty coral toga from H&M when I was in HK in Mar/Apr this year
Didn't get to wear it until now! :)
The fabric is super good and rare! Haven't felt this kind of fabric in Sg! 
But, may be selling it away cos...I realized it is being mass-manufactured in Sg by an online shop :( 

Oh that reminds me! Remember the romper I posted in the previous post?
I will not be manufacturing it as the supplier had already manufactured this from another owner!
So sorry ladies!

Some reader asked me if it is comfortable walking in these nude Aldo heels. Trust me, it is not ._. 
If you have to get skyscraper heels, make sure the sole of the heel moulds to the curvature of your sole such that there is no gap in between. In that way, you can walk 10 hours in it and don't feel tired! 

Came back after dinner, off the lights to enjoy the night view from our room and slow danced in the huge space we had.
Gosh, it was so romantic and memorable that I cried :*)
Thank you J <3

Cliche but it melted my heart haha
You are such a dear, J :')

He wanted me to really take a break; take my mind off the sch exams and VGY for the weekend.
J knows I really needed this time off :*)
So I soaked in e bathtub, read magazine and sipped wine!
Not a really good drinker though.
Came out dizzy with my face and body fully red and J was so surprised hahaha

So that sums up our wonderful anniversary.
Felt rejuvenated and well charged for the exams after this getaway.....until now haha
Take care of yourself ladies! The weather is crazy and people around me are having sneezing and coughing away. 
It's really bad to be ill so drink more fluids and vitamins and most importantly, get enough sleep! :) 
- - 

I will be back blogging actively once my exam ends, I promise! 
Have a surprise lined up for you readers and also customers in VGY! ;) 
Can you guess what is it? 
Clue: It's something all of us girls will love and neeedddd! 

Till then, after my exams and have a lovely (& scary) Halloween weekend! :) 

With Love,


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